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B&O Strengthens Luxury Appeal

On New York City's Renwick Street, just west of Hudson, towers a new architectural marvel. It is the very first residential property to feature B&O products as a standard amenity of all of its units.

An exterior rendering of the Renwick building.On New York City’s Renwick Street, just west of Hudson, towers a new architectural marvel. A modern mass of steel and glass, the building adds some creative geometry to the skyline of downtown Manhattan.

While stunning, what’s significant about this new building, said Domenico Palandri, director of sales in Bang & Olufsen’s Business to Business Division, is that this is the very first residential property to feature B&O products as a standard amenity of all of its units.

Palandri believes that B&O is a distinguishing feature for all of the 44 condos in the building, adding cache, convenience, and style. The Renwick is also the first development to include the new BeoVision 8–a chic 32-inch LCD display. For the luxury buyer with discerning tastes, perhaps distinguishing features like B&O and the BeoVision 8 help seal the deal.

B&O has partnered with the Harch Group and PHH reality Group on this project, and says that the 12-story building, designed by architect Ismael Leyva, embodies the spirit of B&O’s modern design. Its all-glass exterior and minimal aesthetic is a perfect match for the clean, precise Danish design that unites all B&O products, from speakers to video displays. The Renwick also offers a private library created by the renowned art publisher Tashen, a sky-lit lap pool, sauna, boxing gym, and an open air sculpture garden.

Another ideal match, according to B&O, is the neighborhood itself. Ostensibly safe from the current economic pinch, West SoHo seems to have more new development than any other pocket of the city.

An interior rendering of the Renwick building.How exclusive is it? Ask Meryl Streep. I arrived at the B&O/Renwick press conference early and decided to catch up with the New York Times at a cafe, a stone’s throw from the Renwick. Sitting next to me was the scintillating Oscar-winning actress, enjoying a morning latte. She had just a purse and some reading materials, so I assumed she lived nearby. It was a New York thrill that I haven’t had in a while, and it exemplified why people are drawn to the neighborhood. Developments like The Renwick attract the type of discerning and affluent consumer B&O wants to court.

Custom MDU installations are not new for B&O or its dedicated dealers. In 2005, B&O made news when it joined forces with MGM Grand to provide custom electronics for the Skylofts, a boutique hotel on the Strip. The 47 Skylofts are two-story hotel suites perched at the top of the MGM Grand featuring deluxe amenities, including integrated AV devices, distributed audio, and complete automation of lighting, draperies, heating, and air conditioning.

The Skylofts range in size from 1,400 to 6,000 square feet and are priced from $800 to $10,000 per night. The Renwick prices have not been released yet, but the units range from 750 to 2,000 square feet. Each unit is pre-wired by B&O, giving buyers the flexibility to upgrade to an additional products they desire. The standard package includes the BeoVision 8 with an integrated center speaker, BeoSound4 audio system with motion control and hard-drive memory for hundreds of CD titles. Also included is the BeoLab 4000, a compact speaker that can be placed on a bookshelf or floor stands. A home automation system with a proprietary keypad is also included.

The BeoVision 8 that is featured in all the units.”We’re not just an amenity,” Palandri explained as he demonstrated the BeoSound4, “we are a true partner. It’s an added value and marketing point in a competitive market. Each new project must be different and we help distinguish.”

While B&O is in the process of tightening its distribution channel, as Palandri said, “for stronger brand recognition,” it is welcoming custom dealers to join its community. Currently, 55 custom installers are certified B&O dealers/resellers. A licensing process is required to join the network.

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