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Audio Plus Services Debuts New Products

Audio Plus Services will launch new product models by Cambridge Audio, Focal, Micromega, Mordaunt-Short, YBA Design brands at CEDIA 2009. The brands are just a few of the entertainment and custom installation establishments Audio Plus Services partners with.

Cambridge Audio will debut its Azur 650R 7.1 AV Receiver along with the Azur 650BD Universal Blu-ray player. Boasting a true 7 X 100 watts of power on an acoustically dampened chassis, the Azur 650R supports all HD and HDMI formats, with analog to digital video transcoding as well as pure analog stereo direct mode.

The Azur 650BD is a universal Blu-ray player with a dedicated DAC for both two channel and multi-channel outputs. Also built on an acoustically dampened chassis, the 650BD features BD2 Live, quiet operation, and quick disc loading. The unit’s “Pure Audio Mode” will shut down all video processing for best signal processing and performance.

To complement its existing models in the series, Focal will be launching numerous models from its next generation of Electra Be II Series. Designating Be for Beryllium tweeter, the 1008 Be is a second generation high-performance bookshelf model and will be accompanied by the 1028 Be and 1038 Be three-way floorstanders. All three benefit from a redesigned Beryllium tweeter for greater power handling, allowing the crossover point to be shifted downwards to 2Khz for improved imaging performance.

Focal is also introducing the IW1002, an in-wall/on-wall model in a sealed MDF enclosure. Also featuring a Beryllium tweeter, the IW1002 Be utilizes Focal’s patented Sandwich W mid-range bass driver and hand-selected crossover components and adds wall boost compensation for full range performance.

With 100 percent of its products designed and manufactured in France, today’s Micromega HD Audio lineup consists of models for both two-channel audio (CD players, preamplifier, amplifiers and tuner) as well as home cinema. Slim aluminum chassis with elegant styling and aerospace precision house innovations such as ACT power supply filtering, name-able inputs, and amplifiers with easy to read displays. Micromega maintains its commitment to quality sonic performance and style, while offering affordability.

At CEDIA, Audio Plus and Micromega will be announcing the AP180 three-channel integrated amplifier with full HDMI audio decoding designed to allow audiophiles to preserve both their high-resolution stereo experience as well as add precision multi-channel performance for their movie enjoyment. The AP180 boasts 180 watts for each of its three channels along with Green Friendly high efficiency low-loss power consumption.

The British brand Mordaunt-Short is introducing Aviano, a complete range of curved front-baffle loudspeakers for both music and movies. The Aviano range consists of two bookshelf and two floorstanding models along with a center-channel and two subwoofers. Positioned as a mid-market leader series offering proprietary driver design within a high value ISO9001 manufacturing model, Aviano offers value musicality.

Also from Mordaunt-Short is the Performance 2 high performance bookshelf model, designed as a no-compromise loudspeaker for those who seek sonic perfection.

Finally, YBA Design is introducing the WD202 DAC. Its first entry in this category features 24-bit 192 khz upsampling with jitter reducing precision re-clocking, USB – Coax Toslink – AES/EBU inputs and RCA – XLR – Coax outputs. Executed within a fully symmetrical topography, the WD202 is a plug-and-play design for seamless integration with either a PC or Mac. It is also equipped with a headphone jack with volume control outputs.