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Consumers Eager to Use PC as DVR

The DVR market should expect PC penetration.

Stamford, CT–TiVos already fragile hold on the DVR market could grow even more tenuous according to a research report, entitled Demystifying Digital Video Recorders, from online market research firm InsightExpress and advertising publisher MediaPost.

That is because more than four out of five Americans already have a DVR-ready device just waiting to be activated–their home PC. While DVRs have yet to make a major dent in the consumer electronics marketplace, two-thirds of consumers say they would consider using their PC as a DVR if it was easy and inexpensive to do.

The report, based on an in-depth series of online consumer surveys, reveals Americans are attracted to the idea of converting a home PC to perform the functions of a DVR.

Attitudes Towards Using Home PC as a DVR Device Percent of Americans Agreeing:

I would consider using my PC as a DVR if it were easy and inexpensive: 65 percent

Repurposing an old or unused PC (as a DVR) is a good idea: 56 percent

Using my PC as a DVR would be cool: 52 percent

Using my PC as a DVR would be technically challenging: 29 percent

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the networked home computer can easily provide DVR functionality for televisions located anywhere in the home, said Lee Smith, president and COO of InsightExpress. The immense desire for consumers to control the content and timing of the media they consume provides a unique opportunity for computer and component manufacturers to expand their businesses by entering into immediately adjacent markets.

Respondents for these studies were randomly recruited online; the report, Demystifying Digital Video Recorders, is available for purchase by contacting InsightExpress.

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