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David Wiener’s Music System Collection

The David Wiener Collection (DWC) will include a full line of home and office music systems equipped with exclusive music-enhancing and wireless transmission software during CEDIA EXPO 2009.

The DW Collection’s fusion of technology and art is designed to deliver sonic clarity, imaging, dynamics, spaciousness, and realism. The Collection’s offerings include the new DWC Ferrari Art.Engine Powered Speaker System, the Art.Suono Wireless Music Transmission System, and the Art.Solista USB Wireless Transmission System.

All pieces are equipped with the Collection’s DWC-Aphex Audio Enhancement Technology, licensed exclusively to DWC and employed for the first time in consumer audio products. Developed in collaboration with Aphex Systems Ltd, DWC-Aphex brings life back to music files, improves intelligibility and reproduces original musical experiences.

The new Art.Engine System is a two-piece system that includes the Art.Suono transmission dock as well as DWC-Aphex music enhancement circuitry, and exclusive DWC-Wireless Zero-Drop transmission technology that enables listeners to “beam” music from an iPod or iPhone, a PC, a Mac, a CD player, satellite radio, or any other audio source directly to the Art.Engine tower. The Art.Engine System is available for a suggested price of $20,000 (US MSRP).

The Art.Suono Wireless Music Transmission System is the only audio enhancing, two-way wireless transmission system on the market. With inputs for computer audio, a CD player, MP3s, satellite radio, as well as an iPod/iPhone dock, the Art.Suono gives users the freedom and flexibility to play any audio source wirelessly to any stereo or powered speaker system, while bringing compressed music files back to life.

Made of machined aluminum with carbon fiber accents, Art.Suono transmission dock comes with a compact receiver that easily connects to any speaker system. The system is highlighted with the exclusive DWC-Aphex music enhancement technology that enhances recorded music by restoring lost harmonics, providing an incredible sense of spaciousness and clarity so that each instrument and voice is more distinct. The Art.Suono is available for a suggested price of $1,399 (US MSRP).

The Art.Solista USB Wireless Transmission System simplifies wireless audio transmissions from computers. Equipped with DWC-Aphex and DWC-Wireless, the Art.Solista allows users to wirelessly stream any audio from their computers to any stereo system, AV or home theater system, or powered speaker by plugging the Art.Solista transmitter into the computer’s USB port. It also enhances the sound of digital music files and improves the intelligibility of speech on news and talk programs, podcasts, and audio books. The Art.Solista is available for a suggested price of $999 (U.S. MSRP).