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Definitive Technology’s Three New Speakers

Definitive Technology will have three new speaker models at CEDIA EXPO. The first is the Mythos XTR-50, an on-wall, on-shelf loudspeaker, and the other two models are the latest developments in Definitive’s Disappearing In-Wall series.

The Mythos XTR-50 is Definitive’s response to the popular ultra-thin TVs. The speaker combines the thin profile of panel speakers with the high definition detail, bass, and dynamic range performance of a quality dynamic speaker. Definitive’s patent-pending XTDD technology driver provides dynamic punch, wide frequency range, and broad dispersion while allowing for compact dimensions.

To extend and deepen the bass response of such a thin speaker the XTDD drivers are pressure-coupled to four dome low-bass radiators, and the center-mounted tweeter is a hyper-definition Pure Aluminum dome tweeter. As a result, the Mythos XTR-50 provides the kind of clarity, dynamic range and extended response of a normal-sized speaker.

The Mythos XTR-50 comes supplied with a wall-mounting bracket that allows either vertical or horizontal orientation with a total installed on-wall depth of only 1.6 inches. Also supplied are stands for vertical tabletop use and horizontal shelf placement.

Definitive has also added two new models to its Disappearing In-Wall series. The two LCR models are intended for use as front-stage speakers combined with the matching DI 5.5BPS Bipolar surround speaker. The DI 5.5LCR and the DI 6.5LCR stereo-front stage speakers were specifically designed to bring the performance of Definitive’s free-standing speakers in easy to install, built-in configurations.

The models feature advanced technology such as BDSS drivers and pivoting Pure Aluminum dome tweeters. The Balanced Dual Surround System driver technology permits these new flush mounts to deliver more bass output and dynamic range than speakers with larger drivers.

The new models are near-invisible thanks to their small area, hidden flange design, and low profile micro-perf grilles. They are designed to be as easy to install as traditional flanged flush-mount speakers, and don’t require custom sheetrock/spackle skills to install.

With a cutout dimension of only 14.4″ x 6.5″ the DI 5.5LCR fits in standard wall stud spacing when used in horizontal (center channel) orientation. All models in the DI Series share the same accurate sonic signature so you can mix and match any combination of models to meet your exact application.