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Flat-TV Sales Soar

Total sales for flat televisions have skyrocketed to $3.3B.

Portland, OR–Quixel Research reports that total sales for flat televisions skyrocketed to $3.3B in the first three quarters of this year, surpassing the 2003 total value of $3B with Q4 poised to be the strongest quarter yet.

Quixel also found that the microdisplay rear-projection (MDRP TV) and front projectors also have experienced unprecedented growth.

Both volume and dollar value of MDRP for Q3 alone have come in with 80 percent increases above total 2003 figures. Front projector sales grew 73 percent in dollar value from Q3 2003 to Q3 2004.

Flat TVs in this study encompass products based on direct-view LCD or plasma technology.