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Gefen’s TV Multi-Format Switcher

Gefen’s TV Multi-Format Switcher has been designed to offer an easy way to view 10 different computers, analog video sources, and digital video devices on one display or projector using the HDMI format.

It connects two S-video, two composite, two component, one VGA, and three HDMI inputs to an HDMI display. Users switch between sources using the front-panel selector, IR remote or RS232 control, and each source is output in its native resolution.

Analog video inputs are accompanied by two-channel L/R analog audio, while the three HDMI inputs support supplemental digital (TOSlink; S/PDIF) audio.

With four of the video inputs provided on the front panel, the TV Multi-Format Switcher allows games and cameras to be easily connected without pulling the rack-mounted switcher to access the back panel.