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H-P Products Brings Hose Management Solutions to Central Vacuums

H-P Products is planning to offer CEDIA EXPO attendees unique hose management solutions for central vacuum systems.

CEDIA attendees will be able to see the Hide-A-Hose central vacuum hose management system and the Vroom quick-clean vacuum system in action at Booth 1559. H-P Products, manufacturer of the Dirt Devil line of central vacuum systems, has manufactured central vacuum systems and accessories for over 50 years.

Hide-A-Hose is designed as a space-saving retractable hose system that enables a homeowner to use a central vacuum system with ease and store up to 50 feet of hose within the wall. With the Hide-A-Hose system, users simply pull out the length of hose needed for their cleaning job, connect a TurboCat powerhead, and begin vacuuming. When finished, the system harnesses the suction from the central vacuum power unit to retract the hose back into the PVC tubing installed within the walls of the home. Because each inlet valve has a hose stored within the tubing inside the walls, longer hoses can be used (one hose can cover up to 2,300 square feet), reducing the number of inlets required for whole-house coverage.

The Vroom quick-clean vacuum system has been designed as a solution for everyday cleanups in high-traffic areas, storing up to 24 feet of hose in a three-inch space-saving box design. Vroom can be installed in standard cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other busy areas of the home.