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Improving Communication

The life you live is under your control.

Exploring the Keys to Getting Your Point Across More Effectively

Jeremy Burkhardt ([email protected]) is president of SpeakerCraft in Riverside, California.

The life you live is under your control. You are the master of everything, from what you decide to do today, eat for lunch, save for retirement, how you grow your business, how you raise your children, and how you communicate to your business colleagues, clients, and friends.

I want everyone I deal with to be deliberate and to the point, regardless of the topic. I don’t have the time or the patience to beat around the bush. I was taught long ago that lame people talk about people and things and exceptional people talk about ideas and concepts. I want to help you become more deliberate in life and work through your communication with others.

Various forms of communication control almost everything that we do, through thousands of conversations, either digital or in person. Let’s get deliberate about what we talk about. Our life is ending one second at a time, and poor communication is the ultimate time killer.

Many people don’t face reality and beat around the bush. Be sure to talk about what’s important and what’s real now.

Good communication is not all about you, however; a productive conversation benefits both parties. Always think about how you can help the person you are talking to achieve their goals. Many people don’t face reality and beat around the bush. Be sure to talk about what’s important and what’s real now. I deal with many bankers and corporate types, and they ask questions like, “How many of these are you going to sell in three years?” I look at them and say, “I have no idea, but I hope billions.” Keep it real, and explain exactly what you know.

Also, stay in the moment and be disciplined, focusing only on what you are talking about. If your mind wanders, start meditating. Having an agenda for business meetings is obvious I suggest that you have an agenda for each person and interaction you meet in business.

Pink Floyd has a song called “Us and Them,” which could be a metaphor for how employees and employers or contractors and clients view one another. Instead of this attitude, I have found that if you become one with those you are working with, not only do you form empathy, but you receive it back as well.

Identify problems and opportunities from your communication partners, and work together to attack and make your dreams a reality. Make sure everyone buys into each others long-term and short-term goals and strategies. If everyone is on board and rewarded for success, then working together becomes easier.

As a business leader, you conduct many conversations and have numerous roles to play. You are a parent, mentor, coach, boss, friend, and so much more. Stay the course in being deliberate, and it will make things easier. Set achievable goals and hold your team and yourself to hitting them. Be concise and have a blast running your business.

>Nine Tips for Better Communication

1) Be exact in every interaction.
2) It is not all about you; help others get what they need.
3) Everyone should be viewed as a team member; you are not a silo.
4) Be open and state at the beginning and end your goals and ask what your associates’ goals are, then write them down.
5) State specific topics to be discussed.
6) Ask questions and give input.
7) Smile and be engaged. Your mood will determine the outcome of your communication. It’s better to reschedule than to go into a meeting or written communication bummed out.
8) Empathy is the key. If you feel for others, it is usually returned in spades.
9) Always give, and you’ll receive more in return.