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Innovolt’s Power Protection Products

CVSS is Innovolt’s patent-pending technology that is designed to effectively protect audio and video components, PCs, printers, and more against all measured electrical disturbances plaguing the grid today.

Based on CVS technology, the rack-mountable HEM-X1000 ($999 MSRP) protects sensitive digital electronics equipment from all types of power disturbances. It also provides a smart power management control hub with energy monitoring and diagnostic readout through use of the Power Doctor, the technician’s tool, which provides a detailed history of recorded power disturbances. A power station version, the HEM-X250, with MSRP of $399, will be available soon.

In addition to including Innovolt in present and future installations, company’s products also offer the opportunity to retrofit or upgrade customers’ older systems, which can prove particularly profitable given today’s economic climate.

Stop by Innovolt’s booth at CEDIA to learn how the company’s CVSS-based surge protection products can help you earn and your customers save. Innovolt will also treat dealers to a cup of Starbucks coffee and will offer the Innovolt CVSS-based Plug-in Protector as a free gift.