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Jewell to Unveil Triplett Wiremaster Mapper

Jewell Instruments LLC (Booth 5536) is adding the WireMaster Mapper to its Triplett brand of products.

The WireMaster Mapper (Cat. No. 3281) can trace and map virtually any type of cable by using the 4 types of remote identifiers.

The BNC Remotes are used to identify coaxial cables in CCTV Security and Surveillance systems. The F Remotes will identify coaxial cables in Cable TV distribution systems. The RJ 11/RJ45 remotes are used to identify telephone or LAN cables. The Clip Lead Remotes are use to identify any pair of wires such as speaker wires and telephone wires that do not have connectors attached.

The unit has an AC/DC overvoltage warning LED and beeper and a 120VAC line cross protection and warning. The WireMaster tests in real-time to identify intermittents and is able to map lengths over 20,000 feet. The unit uses one common nine-volt battery, which is included and has a one-year warranty.