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Lowell Manufacturing’s New Host Rack System

Lowell Manufacturing is introducing a new series of racks developed to maximize accessibility to rack-mounted equipment while limiting the need for floor space.

The LHR host rack system includes a cabinet with a rollout, rotating, 19-inch EIA internal frame that is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. It also eliminates the need for rear access to housing. LHR racks can be positioned back-to-back or against walls; the cabinet stays in position while the frame slides out and pivots right or left, allowing technicians access to equipment.

The LHR has a load capacity of 750 pounds and is available in rack unit heights of 32, 35, or 44RU (with an overall depth of 32 inches) and 35 or 44RU (with an overall depth of 42 inches). Options include a rear access cover and a solid or Plexiglas front door.