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Mark Levinson’s No500H Series

Mark Levinson is planning to unveil its new No500H series of audiophile power amplifiers. The No500H array of amplifiers draws on the Mark Levinson heritage of design and engineering, as well as incorporates a new balanced current-feedback amplifier (CFA) circuitry design.

The new circuitry design used in the No500H Series amplifiers is the key to improved performance. CFA design uses a circuit topology that emphasizes current-mode operation, which is inherently much faster than more conventional voltage-mode operation. With CFAs, amplifier gain may be controlled independently of bandwidth, a major advantage over conventional VFA topologies.

Other features include high power in four different channel configurations that provide solutions for any type of system, independent power supply components for each channel to maximize isolation and improve imaging, isolated chassis, and signal grounds that minimize noise and optimize sonic detail even at lower listening levels, and balanced and single-ended inputs. The series also has Ethernet and 12-volt trigger control capability, allowing for easier integration into home networks.

There are four amplifier models in the No500H Series, the No531H (300 Watts), which offers one channel, the No532H (600 Watts), which offers two channels, the No533H (900 watts), which offers three, and the No535H, which offers five. All models feature extremely low total harmonic distortion (<0.5 percent) and frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Mark Levinson No500H Series amplifiers will be available for delivery in October 2009.