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Media Adapters Missing Their Market

71 percent of households willing to purchase a digital media adapters do not have a home network.

Dallas, TX–Technology companies developing digital media adapters (DMAs) have made a gross miscalculation in emphasizing network ownership for their products, according to Digital Media Adapters and Receivers: Analysis and Forecasts, a new study by Parks Associates.

DMAs use a home network to connect computers with a TV or stereo in order to share music and video. Yet the study found 71 percent of households willing to purchase a DMA do not have a home network. Moreover, most DMA products are designed with wireless home networks in mind, but only 14 percent of likely buyers have wireless technology in their home. These discrepancies could account for sluggish DMA sales.

“The industry assumes that if you want to listen to Internet radio on your stereo, you are an early adopter that already owns a Wi-Fi (wireless) home network,” said John Barrett, the report’s author and director of research for Parks Associates. “This is not the case. Right now there is not a single one-box solution on the market that meets the needs of the 71 percent of consumers who don’t currently own a home network. Developing integrated, data-multimedia network solutions to meet this need will be very important.”

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