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Meridian Audio

HD621 HDMI Audio Processor

How do you rate Meridian’s HD621 HDMI processor?

The Meridian HD621 is another example of the forward thinking mind of Bob Stuart and his team. When entering the world of HDMI switching they did what they’ve always done at Meridian; they looked at how they could make this technology and the associated components connected to it perform better. Source components switched through the HD621 simply look better and sound better. Cable TV and satellite tuners are transformed into high-performance music and movie sources when using a Meridian surround processor. On a scale from 1-10 it’s a 10, based on the performance benefits alone.

For what applications is it best suited?
The HD 621 is most fully leveraged in a Meridian Digital Theater. In this mode you take full advantage of Meridian’s system control and enhanced processing. It can be utilized in a non-Meridian installation effectively and is still a good value at $2,995.

Describe its feature set.
The Meridian HD621 HDMI Audio Processor extracts the audio signal (up to eight channels) from the HDMI input and provides audio outputs suitable for a Meridian system. Internal buffering and processing improves audio quality. It is also a 6-into-1 HDMI video switch, allowing all of your HDMI-based components to be fed via a single video cable to your display. The HD621 performs up- and downsampling of digital audio and includes Meridian’s unique apodising filter to ensure the very best sound from today’s varied sources. Meridian’s highest performance FIFO buffering technology removes HDMI jitter, consistently delivering a significant improvement in audio quality from all your HDMI sources. The HD621 provides a programmable lip-sync delay to be sure sound and picture remain in perfect synchronization— one of the most important details in a quality video experience. The HD621 is housed in an elegant black slimline case and is available in 1U rack-mount and freestanding versions.

What features would you like to see changed or added to the T200?
Ultimately I’d like to see elements of the HD621 integrated within their surround processor line so long as it performed as well as it does in the separate box. When asked, their reasoning to keep the video switching and processing away from the audio signal made complete sense. Given their consistent effort to create the very best performing products and value, that is not part of their current plans.

Six-input HDMI switch.
HDMI video output.
Smartlink coaxial digital audio output (up to 8 channels).
Multichannel Meridian High Resolution (MMHR): balanced digital audio output via RJ45/Cat-5 cable (up to 8 channels).
Up- and down-sampling of digital audio.
Audio FIFO buffering and resolution enhancement improves PCM audio received via HDMI.
1U 19in rack mounting or free-standing
Internal universal power supply, 100–250V AC