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Monitor Audio’s CPC-120 In-Ceiling and Silver RX

Monitor Audio has added the CPC-120 to its Controlled Performance Series of backbox enclosed, in-ceiling loudspeakers and a mid-market speaker range, called the Silver RX.

The CPC-120 is a Halogen-sized mini design, which fits into the standard cut-out hole used to house halogen lighting fixtures. Unlike other Halogen speaker sizes, the CPC-120 uses a 2.5-inch wide x 3.75-inch deep tapered line enclosure made of die-cast aluminum. The acoustic suspension enclosure enables the two-inch full-range driver to achieve optimal performance in a small package. The aluminum enclosure also addresses issues of rear sound radiation and fire retardancy.

At the heart of the CPC-120 is a two-inch full-range micro-driver utilizing a 1-inch long-throw voice coil, which features a diecast aluminum chassis. The MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) driver shares the same technologies found across Monitor Audio’s range of upscale speakers, allowing the CPC-120 to blend seamlessly with larger floorstanding, on-wall, in-wall, or in-ceiling models. The system includes a low-frequency filter/protection circuit for greater reliability and performance.

The CPC-120 is available in White, Chrome, Brass, and Brushed Steel bezel finishes enabling it to match with Halogen light finishes.

The stylish Silver RX series is offered in a choice of quality real wood veneers and high-gloss piano finishes in an all-around cabinet wrap, while RX performance relies on sophisticated Monitor Audio engineering for its class-leading sound quality. Techniques and materials refined for the flagship Platinum and Gold Signature series speakers are deployed comprehensively throughout each of the seven RX designs.

By refining the FEA (Finite Elemental Analysis), Monitor Audio has used advanced development to shape its core driver material, C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum Magnesium) to produce even greater fidelity. It has also improved the tweeter design for Silver RX, bringing higher sensitivity and a wider bandwidth (up to 35KHz) for greater high frequency resolution.

Advanced FEA simulations have also fine-tuned the Rigid Surface Technology CCAM mid-range/bass drivers. Their ultra-rigid dimpled profiles are now more resistant to break-up under high drive conditions, producing wider frequency responses.

New Silver RX models include, the Silver RX 1, which is a two-way is configured to offer a natural, rhythmic sound in a compact and practical form. The C-CAM tweeter design features a damped rear chamber, while the new six-inch bass driver with C-CAM RST cone technology provides better damping and improved midrange clarity.

The larger RX 2 is designed as an audiophile two-way speaker. Efficiency and bandwidth of a much larger speaker are achieved in a more compact size. The C-Cam tweeter design features a damped rear chamber, while an eight-inch bass driver with C-CAM RST cone technology provides better damping and improved midrange clarity.

The floor-standing RX 6 places the new wider bandwidth RX tweeter in concert with the freshly designed six-inch C-CAM bass and six-inch C-CAM bass/mid drivers. This balanced 2.5-way system incorporates a dual-chamber bass reflex design with differential tuning and twin HiVe ports. An adjustable bass plinth is supplied for added stability.

A true three-way speaker, the floor-standing RX 8’s ultra-slim front profile conceals a deeper cabinet, which provides the volume needed for seismic levels of bass. Twin six-inch bass drivers are configured in a dual bass reflex twin HiVe port system. A single six-inch bass/mid driver delivers naturally vibrant midrange sound, while the newly developed C-CAM gold dome tweeter smoothly extends performance to a point well beyond the upper limit of the audible spectrum for control of all high-frequencies.

The RX Center’s 2.5-way design has been finely calibrated to match the dynamics and timbre of the other RX speakers for a seamless front sound stage in any RX system. Within the RX Center’s sealed enclosure, six-inch C-CAM bass/mid-range drivers sit astride the C-CAM gold dome tweeter, providing the upper bass and mid-range clarity that is necessary to any successful center-channel speaker.

The stylish wall-hanging RX-FX surround speaker is discreet enough to be flush-mounted on side or rear walls while providing timbre-matched surround effects. Dipole or bipole mode is selected at the flick of a switch. Dual C-CAM tweeters are side-firing while a single six-inch C-CAM bass/mid-range driver is center-mounted.

The compact but substantial (25mm/one-inch MDF) RXW-12 active subwoofer uses a new 500 watt (RMS) Class D amplifier to control a newly-designed, front-firing 12-inch C-CAM driver. The RXW-12’s installation-friendly sealed enclosure promotes the fastest, deepest bass down to 20Hz. The tri-suspended woofer has a large 3-inch voice coil and a double stack motor system for high power handling and low distortion. A 12-volt trigger provides switching control from AV amp or processor. A top mounted volume and EQ control panel provides easy access.

MSRP Wood Veneer
Silver RX 1 $675/pair
Silver RX 2 $850/pair
Silver RX 6 $1,250/pair
Silver RX 8 $1,750/pair
Silver RX Center $675/each
Silver RX-FX $750/pair
Silver RXW-12 $1,300/each