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Monster’s New Product Plans at CEDIA 2009

Monster is expanding is PowerCenter line with three new home theater uninterruptible power supply devices featuring technologies that go beyond surge protection to protect HDTVs while enhancing picture and sound.

Here’s a rundown of what the company has planned for next month in Atlanta:

HTUPS 3700 PowerCenter (SRP: $999.95)
• Designed for installations with control systems
• 1500 VA

HTUPS 2700 PowerCenter and Battery Extension Module BXT 1000 (SRP $599.95)
• Back-up with 680 VA
• Keeps a DVR recording 2 hours during a blackout
• Automatic voltage regulation
• LCD meter for voltage, amperage, and battery status
• Monster HD clean power Stage 2
• T2 automatic disconnect/reconnect protection circuitry
• Surge protected coaxial, network, and phone connections
• 2 battery cells (BXT 1000 has 4 battery cells)
• Works with Battery Extension Module BXT 1000 for additional back-up time (sold separately)
• $350,000 connected equipment warranty
• Shipping August 2009

HTUPS 600 PowerCenter (SRP $299.95)
• Designed to protect projectors and displays
• Features Monster CoolDown Technology v.2.0
• Switches projectors and displays to standby mode and provides power to the fan to cool the bulb
• 600VA/360 Watts
• Monster Clean Power Stage 1 v.2.0
• UL-cUL safety certification
• Shipping October 2009

Monster will also introduce three new High Definition PowerCenters with GreenPower technology to fight the high cost of energy while helping to preserve the environment. Among those to be featured is the new entry-level HDP 650G (SRP $59.95) designed to save energy by automatically turning off home theater components when not in use. Monster PowerCenters offer “CleanPower” that the company says eliminates noise and interference to provide better picture and sound. Here are the specifics:

HDP 1850G PowerCenter with RF Remote Control (SRP $349.95)
• High definition filters and green circuitry technology
• Monster HD Clean Power Stage 2
• RJ11 phone and RJ45 networking surge protection
• 2 pair coax protection
• $350,000 connected equipment warranty
• Shipping September 2009

HDP 1400G PowerCenter (SRP $249.95)
• Monster Green Power energy savings system with RF remote control
• Watt meter shows power being consumed
• Monster PowerNet PLC compliant outlets for use in a PowerNet network
• Clean Power Stage 1 HD Filtering for better picture and sound
• Ultra High Capacity Ceramic Encased MOVs with 4500 joule rating
• Patented T2 auto disconnect/reconnect circuitry
• Coaxial, phone, network surge protection
• $500,000 connected equipment warranty
• Shipping September 2009

HDP 650G Digital PowerCenter with GreenPower (SRP $59.95)
• Monster GreenPower outlet control
• Dual-model plus protection circuitry with audible alarm
• $200,000 connected equipment warranty

Monster is also expanding its line of PowerNet networking solutions with the addition of Digital Life PowerNet 350 with WiFi capabilities. Here are the details:

Digital Life PowerNet 350 (SRP TBD)
• The complete home networking solution
• High speed Ethernet from any wall outlet
• Turns your home’s electrical wiring into a high-speed entertainment network
• Wi-Fi for wireless networking
• Monster CleanPower Noise Filtering and Power Protection
• Shipping TBD

Monster is offering custom installers 15 new, safe, and easy-to-install wall mounts for any room. The new wall mounts are available in four different orientations for flatscreen TVs of all sizes. For instance:

Flat Mounts
• Ultra-low profile for clean, neat installation in any room
• Various models to support 10-inch to 104-inch LCD TVs weighing up to 400lbs
• Models include: FSM FLAT-S EFS (SRP $29.95), FSM FLAT-M EFS (SRP $79.95), FSM FLAT-L EFS (SRP $99.95) and FSM FLAT-XL EFS (SRP $329.95)

Tilt Mounts
• Ultra-low profile mount for tool-free tilt for flexible viewing
• Various models to support 10-inch to 104-inch LCD TVs weighing up to 400lbs
• Models include: FSM TILT-S EFS (SRP $39.95), FSM TILT-M EFS (SRP $119.95), FSM TILT-L EFS (SRP $139.95) and FSM TILT-XL EFS (SRP $399.95)

Articulating Mounts
• Fully adjustable mounts provide ultimate viewing options
• Various models to support 10-inch to 63-inch LCD TVs weighing up to 200lbs
• Models include: FSM ART-S EFS (SRP $99.95), FSM ART-M EFS (SRP $299.95), FSM ART-L EFS (SRP $449.95) and FSM ART-XL EFS (SRP $499.95)

Clean Power Mounts
• Articulating mounts with surge protection and AC powering filtering
• Various models to support 27-inch to 63-inch LCD TVs weighing up to 200lbs
• Models include: FSM PWR ART-M EFS (SRP $349.95), PWR ART-L EFS (SRP $499.95) and PWR ART-XL EFS (SRP $549.95)

Monster also has developed ScreenClean Dual Pack and FlatScreen Clean Pack, providing consumers with everything they need to clean, organize, and protect today’s electronic devices. Here are those details:

ScreenClean Dual Pack (SRP $29.95)
• ScreenCleaning kit for home theater and portable electronics
• 237ML bottle of ScreenClean’s original formula for TVs
• Ultra-soft MicroFiber cloth safely cleans without scratching
• 45ML portable electronic ScreenClean with improved formula
• New Monster clean cloth
• Now shipping

FlatScreen Clean Pack (SRP $89.95)
• All-in-one flatscreen kit includes:
• Monster Cleanview Cable Manager
• FlatScreen PowerCenter 300
• ScreenClean TV FlatScreen Cleaning Kit
• Cleanview Cable Manager completely conceals cords and cables for a clean and neat on-wall installation
• Eliminates need for costly in-wall wiring
• ScreenClean safely cleans displays without streaking or harming delicate screen coatings
• Ultra-soft MicroFiber cloth safely cleans without scratching
• Now shipping

Last, Monster also will introduce two new universal remote controls geared for use with today’s advanced home theater devices, including:

MCC AV50 Home Theater Controller (SRP $49.95).
• The world’s first tabletop, dual, and single-handed universal remote control
• Designed for total simplicity of use
• Ergonomically designed button and navigation layout
• Features basic “common sense” buttons
• Control the key features of today’s most advanced home theater components
• Shipping September 2009