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Mounting and Enclosure Innovations

It’s quite obvious that certain sectors of the market have been hit harder than others during the current U.S.recession, but instead of hiding and waiting for the calamity to pass, some CEDIA businesses are being proactive. Leading manufacturers, such as Middle Atlantic Products, OmniMount, Sanus Systems, and Video Mount Products are aware of


It’s quite obvious that certain sectors of the market have been hit harder than others during

Download PDFthe current U.S. recession, but instead of hiding and waiting for the calamity to pass, some CEDIA businesses are being proactive. Leading manufacturers, such as Middle Atlantic Products, OmniMount, Sanus Systems, and Video Mount Products are aware of the business potential during the next quarter, and continue to promote the value of their mounts and enclosures.

Current economic conditions have made consumers more cautious, but OmniMount’s senior VP of sales Alex Robertson believes that now, more than ever, it’s important to connect with clients and “look to accessory sales,” especially as flat-panels drop in price and become more widely available.

Robertson also observed the trend of “conscientiousness,” regarding the environment. “We’re devoting a lot of our time to environmentally responsible projects,” he said. Recycled content for product packaging, eliminating plastic, and using recycled materials, even using soy-based inks, are all part of this strategy, he said.

OmniMount’s ULPC-X wall mount)

OmniLight is OmniMount’s innovative, eco-friendly line. “It is a gradual transition,” Robertson noted. “As we move forward with our product development, we are trying to use better materials and save on the packaging.”

The eco-friendly OmniLite mounting products will ship in Q1 2009 and consist of three flatpanel mounts: the OL50FT, OL125FT, and OL200FT.

Many pundits agree that it is innovation that will pull us out of the current economic quagmire. It’s not the panacea, but Kevin Handerson, Middle Atlantic Products (MAP) director of marketing and communications, agrees that a little bit of innovation in the right place can help the installer save time and money.

MAP always keeps in mind the products that will “help customers continue to win,” he said. “We want to make sure that we are creating innovative products for the end-user that are effectively solving problems and making products that helps installers make the best possible use of their time.”

MAP’s new cabinet frame rack (CRS) and UPS lines exemplify this integrator-focused philosophy.

How can wall mounts help installers add value from project to project?
Sanus general manager Jim Wohlford says that because people are thinking harder about purchasing decisions, they are more interested in quality products.

“We need to make sure that we are selling what the customer wants and needs,” Wohlford stated.

As video display prices drop, customers are requesting them for more areas of the home, and mounting accessories are upgrade possibilities. Wohlford described various proprietary features from Sanus that enhance the overall quality of a display installation, such as FollowThru, an in-arm cable management design for total cable concealment without inhibiting movement, even through the joint. Another feature, called Virtual Axis, allows effortless fingertip tilting to reduce glare and find the best viewing angle.

As the gloomy forecasts continue to roll in, Video Mount Products president Keith Fulmer says to keep the faith. “This is not the end,” he explained. “It is a new opportunity and new beginning. The $100,000 jobs might not be [in the pipeline as frequently] but there are new opportunities for $5,000, $8,000, and $10,000 jobs. People are buying TVs, surround sound systems, and video game consoles like [Xbox 360].” VMP products, such as the LCD-MID-C Universal ceiling mount and the PDM-W Universal mount, are ideal solutions for projects of this ilk, he added.

He encourages dealers not to hang their heads. The recent EH Expo in Orlando, Florida, was a good example; though the show floor was smaller, the quality of attendees was “very good” and new business was accomplished. VMP was the only mount manufacturer at the show, because “VMP is constantly doing our part to support this industry and help it grow,” he said.

Margot Douaihy is a contributing editor of Residential Systems magazine

Sanus Systems


The LL22 low-profile mount and LT25 tilting mount

Large Mounts for 30 – 60-inch TVs up to 175 lbs.
■ Attach nearly flush to the wall to maximize the sleek, thin lines of flat-panel TVs
■ ProSet™ height and level microadjustments ensure TV is perfectly positioned after installation
■ ClickStand™ holds TV nearly four inches out from wall to allow easy cable installation, then clicks securely back onto wall plate
■ ClickFit™ brackets allow a surge protector or other small devices to be positioned behind the TV and easily clicked onto the mount, so they stay hidden yet accessible
■ Quick-release tabs on LL22 instantly unlock mount from wall plate for easy access to cables and back of TV
■ LT25 features Virtual Axis™ for effortless fingertip tilt motion, making it easy to reduce glare and find the perfect viewing angle

Vertical Series On-Wall Component Shelving

The VF5023 threeshelf and VF5022 two-shelf option ■ Tempered-glass shelves can be vertically adjusted to accommodate any size AV system
■ Post-installation lateral and vertical adjustments ensure entire unit is perfectly level with TV and surrounding environment
■ Interchangeable black glass and wood back panels offer a choice to match any décor
■ Back panels are offset from wall to conceal and route cables behind unit and into wall or surge protector
■ VF5023 features three strong shelves to hold up to 75 lbs. each
■ VF5022 features two strong shelves to hold up to 75 lbs. each

Full-Motion Mounts for Large Flat-Panel TVs

The dual extension XF228 and the full-motion LF228 ■ FollowThru™ in-arm cable management channel protects and conceals all cables the length of the arm without inhibiting movement, even through the joint
■ Virtual Axis™ allows effortless fingertip tilt motion, making it easy to reduce glare and find the perfect viewing angle
■ ProSet™ height and level microadjustments ensure TV is perfectly positioned after installation
■ Patent-pending adjustment ring allows TV to extend, retract and swivel up to 28 inches from the wall easily while maintaining tension
■ Open wall-plate design provides generous space for cable management
■ Dual extension arms allow the XF228 to support 37 – 63-inches TVs up to 200 lbs with ease
■ LF228 supports TVs 37 – 58-inches and up to 130 lbs.

Designer Series AV Component Stands

The DFV49 and DFAV30 Designer Foundations furniture

■ Rich mocha-finished hardwood legs
■ Smoked tempered-glass gives AV gear an enclosed look without interfering with infrared remote controls, even through closed doors
■ Generous cable management channel conceals and routes wires and cables behind furniture
■ Multiple back panels can be removed individually for easy maintenance and to allow for additional depth
■ Unique convection cooling system allows heated air to escape through top as cooler air is drawn in through bottom
■ DFV49 features three shelves; top shelf holds 100 lbs; bottom shelves hold 60 lbs.
■ DFAV30 features four shelves; top shelf holds 150 lbs; bottom shelves hold 70 lbs.

Flat-Panel HD Power Conditioner

The ELM205 low-profile power conditioner

■ Use behind most flat-panel TV wall mounts and furniture
■ 2,700-Joule surge protection shields valuable electronic components from damaging power surges and voltage spikes
■ Dual-stage EMI/RFI filters eliminate noise from 20 – 50 dB (100 kHZ – 1 MHz) for superior quality signals
■ Features ClickFit™ compatibility to attach directly to select Sanus wall mounts (ClickFit™ brackets included with compatible mount)

Sanus Elements™ Screen Care Kit

The ELM101 flat-panel screen care system

■ Alcohol- and ammonia-free gel will not harm screens or discolor bezels
■ Micro-Mist™ bottle provides targeted non-streaking spray
■ Microfiber cloth will not leave behind lint or residue
■ Wiping handle applies even pressure to clean smudges, fingerprints and oils
■ Anti-static brush lifts dust off screens using a negative electrical charge conducted when user touches metal insert
■ Reusable storage case eliminates packaging to reduce waste

Video Mount Products (VMP)



Video Mount Products LCD-MID-C with cable management

Features and Benefits:
■ Holds most 27- to 42-inch flat panel displays up to 100 lbs.
■ Mounting rails adjust to accommodate monitors with mounting holes up to VESA 400 x 200
■ Mast telescopes 23 to 35 inches from ceiling with integrated cable management through the center of the mast
■ Rotates 360 degrees with adjustable minus 5 degrees to plus 20 degrees tilt
■ Silver powder coat and black (LCD-MID-CB) finishes available
■ MSRP: $233.95


The Video Mount Products LCD-MID-FT mounts flush against the wall.

Features and Benefits:
■ Holds most 27- to 42-inch flat panel displays up to 100 lbs.
■ Mounting rails adjust to accommodate monitors with mounting holes up to VESA 400 x 200
■ Tilts minus 5 degrees to plus 15 degrees
■ Accommodates double gang box
■ Silver powder coat and black (LCD-MID-FTB) finishes available
■ MSRP: $104.95


A dealer favorite: The Video Mount Products PDM-W

Features and Benefits:
■ Hold 42- to 63-inch flat screens up to 180 lbs.
■ Mounting rails adjust from 8- to 39-inches (left to right)
■ Tilts minus 5 degrees to plus 20 degrees
■ Four-inch depth (arms fully collapsed); 24-inch depth (arms fully extended)
■ Silver powder coat and black (PDM-WB) finishes available
■ MSRP: $559.95

Middle Atlantic Products



Rackmount Dock

Middle Atlantic Products is unveiling the first truly integrated rackmount dock allowing clients to enjoy both music and video stored on iPod® and iPhone® products through their installed residential AV system. The line of rackmount docks features a variety of aesthetic finishes and supports the broadest range of iPod and iPhone products currently available.

Features and Benefits:
■ Seamless integration into professional rack systems (with cabinet options, including doors)
■ Designed to mount flat against a credenza or cabinet’s rackrail
■ Compatible with all current, and most legacy iPod and iPhone models, and supports video functionality for more models than any other rackmount dock currently available
■ Charging capability, syncing with iTunes, and IR wireless remote control
■ Available in an attractive thick milled, brushed and anodized or textured finish, and can accommodate either one or three iPod or iPhone models


Cabinet Frame Rack (CFR)

The new welded Cabinet Frame Rack (CFR Series) for residential AV use is designed and engineered to provide the most useable rackspace for the overall height of the rack.

Features and Benefits:
■ Low profile design maximizes usable rackspace
■ Features a strong welded frame that allows for pre-loading equipment and transportation to the project site
■ Available in 16 and 18 inch depths
■ Comes standard with two adjustable front to rear lacing bars for cable dressing or mounting accessories
■ Uprights feature offset cable tie area which keeps the rack to a slim 19-1/4-inch width
■ Optional runner kits allow the rack to slide in or out of place without damaging the cabinet, credenza,etc.



A new UPS from Middle Atlantic Products featuring Pure Sine Wave technology, integration with AV control systems and a unique sliding rear rackrail mount that provides the AV industry’s first single-person UPS mounting capability..

Features and Benefits:
■ Pure Sine Wave technology
■ Automatic Voltage Regulation ensures a stable 120 VAC output
■ Compact rackmount chassis, only 18.9-inch deep
■ Easily integrates with control systems using RS-232 and analog I/O
■ Total of eight surge protected outlets
■ Load shedding extends runtime for critical loads
■ Fast four millisecond transfer time
■ Expansion Battery Pack option (connect up to 10 to a single UPS for extended half-load runtimes up to 20 hours)
■ Energy Saver Circuitry reduces power consumption by up to 75 percent when compared with traditional UPS designs
■ Hot swappable primary battery for easy service
■ Power Manager software allows the configuration of vital system settings
■ Three-year warranty



Extra Large Low Profile Cantilever Flat- Panel Mount

The Ultra Low Profile Series of fixed, tilt, and cantilever mounts offers a sleek and slim design without compromising functionality. With an impressively low 3.5-inch mounting profile, the ULPC-X is an extra large cantilever mount perfectly suited for those applications where seamless integration counts the most. And if you’re looking to customize your mount with a touch of style, only OmniMount ultra low profile cantilevers offer optional cable cover accessories available in three colors/finishes: brushed stainless steel, carbon fiber, and scarlet.


Product Specifications/ Benefits:
■ Fits most: 42-70-inch Flat-Panels up to 225 lbs
■ Cantilever arms completely nest for a discreet 3.5-inch mounting profile
■ Tilt (-5- to +15-inches), pan and swivel for maximum viewing flexibility (rack and pinion tilt mechanism allows for effortless adjustment)
■ Steel tube double-arm construction for maximum strength and durability
■ Includes universal adapter for greater panel compatibility
■ Integrated cable management with quick-snap covers guide wires
■ MSRP: $549.95

Heavy-Duty Floor Half-Rack System

The Viking Series is a line of professional grade rack systems and accessories for managing components and giving an organized, polished look to any A/V installation. The RSF.5 is a heavy-duty floor half-rack system that’s both cost-effective and fully assembled —perfect for applications where a full-size rack isn’t needed


Product Specifications/ Benefits:
■ Includes: (1) 16 space rack, (3) 2U space shelves, (3) 2U space vented blanks and (3) cable lacing bars
■ Weight capacity: RSF.5 supports up to 500 lbs. and 2U shelf supports up to 50 lbs.
■ Ships fully assembled for quick and easy install
■ Standard 19-inch rack enclosure works with all standard 19-inch rack accessories
■ Caster base provides easy placement inside closets or against walls
■ Integrated cable management channels for routing up to 3-inch bundles
■ Adjustable shelves accommodate most components and are vented for component cooling
■ MSRP: $799.95

Home Theater Furniture Acommodating up to 65-inch Flat- Panels


The Link Series was created with one thing in mind—modularity. Four pieces work together to form unique configurations which can be customized to your home theater. Their distinct design integrates a contemporary walnut finish, black glass, and brushed nickel accents, all creating a look that is evocative (to say the least). As an integral part of the Link Series, the LT63 is a Flat-Panel video table that accommodates up to 65-inch Flat-Panels and supports up to 150 lbs. Designed with two enclosed cabinets and an open area for additional components, the LT63 can be easily used with any of the Link Series pieces to create a fully customized furniture system. Also available in black with black glass for an even more striking look.

Product Specifications/ Benefits:
■ Modular pieces are designed to be linked to ensure the best possible furniture combination
■ Accommodates up to 65-inch Flat- Panels up to 150 lbs.; top shelf supports up to 150 lbs.
■ Two enclosed cabinets provide concealed component and media storage
■ Open area shelves accommodate additional components
■ Flush hinges on drop-down doors offer unobstructed interior space
■ Padded feet protect floors
■ Easy to assemble
■ MSRP: $599.95