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Netsertive Offers Ad Plan for Smaller Manufacturers

While Netsertive’s Local Extend is focused solely on driving leads to a manufacturer’s local market dealer, Brand Extend was developed to help smaller brands increase their online visibility.

Netsertive has launched its Brand Extend program for small to medium-sized manufacturers that need an all-in-one solution for localized and automated online display advertisements to grow their own brand and support their dealer network.

Netsertive is an “ad tech” firm specializing in localized digital advertising and channel marketing technology in select vertical markets, such as audio/video.

The company signed up Cary Audio, a manufacturer of music and cinema systems, as its first Brand Extend customer.

Brand Extend uses Netsertive’s patent-pending technology to automate locally targeted online marketing campaigns pre-loaded with display (banner) ads to direct qualified sales prospects a brand’s website or a qualified local dealer nearest the consumer. While Netsertive’s three-year-old Local Extend offering is focused mainly on driving leads to a manufacturer’s local market dealers, Brand Extend was developed to help smaller brands increase their online visibility.

“It became apparent to us that while many manufacturers had a need to direct online prospects to their dealers, they also needed to grow their own brand awareness online,” said Jamie Sasser, director of business development for audio/video, Netsertive. “Brand Extend was designed to be a comprehensive solution for manufacturers to achieve both objectives. We are very excited to have Cary Audio’s program launching this month.”

According to a 2011 study from the Pew Research Center, consumers use online search tools more than any other source to research products and services in their local area before making a purchase. Netsertive is helping Cary Audio and its dealer network embrace this new reality by funneling online “discovery” into sales and recurring revenue opportunities.

“We know there are an endless number of generalist online advertising companies out there, but only Netsertive had the technology and depth of experience in our specific industry,” said Billy Wright, president and CEO, Cary Audio. “It is absolutely imperative for our brand—and our dealer network—to have an online presence that is targeted to our potential clients and helps those clients experience Cary Audio. We are looking forward to Netsertive helping us achieve this.”