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New Panamax Products on Display at CEDIA 2009

At CEDIA 2009, Panamax will be showing its complete line of UPS battery back-ups for home theaters, which includes the all new MX5102 and MB1500, as well as the existing MB1000, MB850, and M1500-UPS-PFP.

These units prevent critical equipment from losing its setup configuration and stored data, while avoiding hard-disk crashes in the event of a sustained power event, such as a power outage. In addition, the battery back-ups safeguard front and rear projection lamps by allowing them to cool down properly before shutting off, saving money on replacement costs.

The MB1500 and MB1000 feature eight battery-powered, surge protected, and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) outlets (four non-critical-load outlets and four critical-load outlets), which ensure uninterrupted operation of connected equipment during a temporary power failure. All four banks of outlets may be programmed to shutdown depending on critical and/or non-critical applications. For the ultimate in home theater protection, these two standalone UPS units are designed to be used in conjunction with one of Panamax’s many power management solutions.