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Niles ICS Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers

Phillip Ampel, Owner, Atlanta Audio Consultants, Marietta, GA

Before joining the residential systems integration industry 18 years ago, Phillip Ampel was a sound and video engineer for touring concerts. Later, he says, he witnessed the trend in home theater installation and design and whole-home media entertainment taking shape and wanted to be a part of it. These days his goal is creating “memorable moments” for his company’s clients.

“We need to keep in mind that the components we sell are no different than the tools in our tool bag,” he said. “Designed properly, we use these tools to create fun moments that are both intuitive and engaging.”

Ampel is “proud to say” that his company is going on its thirteenth year with Niles Audio.How do you rate the Niles ICS Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers?
You’ve got to give the Niles ICS speaker line a solid “A.” Niles has created a paradigm shift when they designed the new ICS Ceiling Mounted Speaker line. The Niles ICS Ceiling Mounted Speaker may, for all intents and purposes, look like a typical in-ceiling speaker when installed, but it’s not. Due to the newly designed speaker enclosure, it sounds like a well-tuned bookshelf speaker with deeper, more pronounced bass response. Further, with the addition of a dialog switch, when needed, the speaker can take on a more center-channel-like feel by enhancing the frequencies for dialog in a movie or TV. Lastly, the Niles ICS speaker line comes with a well-designed round magnetic speaker cover, as well as the option to purchase a square alternative.

Niles Audio’s ICS Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers.
For what types of installations is it best suited?
If your client is looking for exceptional sound quality in an in-ceiling speaker, reduced sound transfer to rooms above, or in a setting where wall space is limited and the thought of arranging a surround sound speaker system may be difficult.

Describe the feature set of the loudspeakers.
Niles brings all of these features mentioned above to the market with a well designed “DS” Directional Sound Field speaker. The DS design allows the installer to aim the speaker toward the listening area.

What features would you like to see changed or added?
I would like to see the speaker enclosure and magnetic speaker cover made available as an option to the other speakers in the in-ceiling and in-wall line.