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Panamax’s MB1500 UPS

Panamax’s latest addition to its UPS family, the MB1500, was created to work in conjunction with one of Panamax’s many power management products. The MB1500 is designed to protect critical home theater equipment in the event of a sustained power event by providing a battery back-up, while including additional surge protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation, and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for the ultimate combined power solution.

In addition, the unit is Panamax’s first product to be compatible with the company’s BlueBOLT technology for secure, hosted IP (Internet Protocol) system monitoring and control. For home theaters, the MB1500 provides a 12A capacity with 1500VA battery back-up to prevent critical equipment from losing its setup configuration and stored data, while avoiding hard disk crashes in the event of a sustained power event, such as a power outage. The unit’s dual learning IR output controls protect projection equipment by allowing projection display lamps to go through a proper cool-down cycle before shutting off, saving money on replacement costs.

An optional BlueBOLT-CV1 IP card allows individual outlets or outlet banks to be power-cycled from any Web browser or Web-enabled mobile device, drastically reducing service calls. For Internet routers, outlets can be assigned to automatically power cycle if an Internet connection is lost.

BlueBOLT allows voltage and current consumption to be monitored in real time or tracked over a time period. E-mail notifications are sent when power anomalies are detected, allowing installers and end-users to take immediate action in the event of a catastrophic surge, brownout, blackout, or other power event. BlueBOLT also provides a simple and convenient way to manage energy consumption by cutting off all current to select components, thereby eliminating wasteful stand-by power in an AV system.

The MB1500 features a RS-232 serial port, for connection and communication between the unit and an automation or control system. This RS-232 port allows installers to program a number of variables, including the critical load battery threshold. An optional 2-RU battery extension pack, the BATT1500-EXT, is also available to virtually double the battery life of the unit.

“With the MB1500, our customers can enjoy their home theater experience knowing that in the event of a power failure, their valuable equipment will be powered down correctly, and in the case of an overvoltage, will be protected from damage. Additionally, if the MB1500 is connected via BlueBOLT technology, custom electronics installers, integrators, and end-users can remotely monitor and control power to home theater equipment from anywhere in the world,” senior vice president of sales and marketing, Dave Keller said

The UPS features eight battery-powered, surge-protected, and voltage-regulated outlets (four “non-critical-load” outlets, and “four critical-load” outlets) that ensure temporary uninterrupted operation of connected equipment during a power failure, while resettable 12A circuit breakers provide overload protection. The MB1500’s front panel offers an intuitive menu navigation system and 2-line LCD status display. A line fault indicator illuminates in red to warn the user that a wiring problem exists.