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PPC’s New Solution-Based Products at CEDIA 2009

PPC will present several new solution-based products designed to address the needs of custom installers and their customers at CEDIA EXPO 2009.

For installers and end-users that continue to find loose cables as a major problem in their HD experience, the Locking HDMI Cable offers a solution. The patented locking device grips a port with three times the strength of conventional connectors, enabling average port retention of 12 pounds.

The Locking HDMI Cable, which is designed to deliver top-quality HDTV video and audio, provides strength and flexibility afforded by PPC’s Perfect Flex jacket and can be installed easily without tools.

The Perfect Flex line of broadband cables responds to the growing need for coaxial cable and the demands on its performance. It offers electrical performance of up to 3 GHz for future-ready installation, micro-crack resistance with superior flexibility, and advanced corrosion inhibitors.

Perfect Flex cables also offer the SCTE specification for braided 75 Ohm Flexible RF Coaxial Drop Cable and NEC compliance, as well as CATV and CATVR usability. The cables are also made from 100 percent RoHS compliant material, using eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

A true 75-Ohm connector with a copper center pin and interference protection, PPC’s F-type coaxial cable features an innovative, patented design with a unique, easy-to-see indicator to show when optimal connection has been achieved. An oversized locking nut is designed to support easy, tool-free installation.

Optimized for 1080i HD video and beyond, PPC component video cables feature split-tip center contacts for high-quality signal transfer, a copper center for superior conductivity, and an expandable ground shield that accommodates a range of port sizes.

The digital audio coax S/PDIF is equipped with split-tip center contacts for excellent signal transfer and improved flexibility, according to the company. The product works to ensure that the user receives high-quality audio.

These fiber-optic cables are ideal for use with component video cables, providing optimal signal transfer and enhanced flexibility with the use of all-plastic fiber cores. They support in excess of 25 Mbps of DVD audio without loss of data.