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Russound to Debut Compact In-Wall Speaker Models

Russound will introduce two new additions to its Acclaim 7 series line of in-wall speakers that expand installation possibilities in any room, and are perfect for the new Dolby Pro Logic IIz “height” channel.

The new speaker models provide both Single-Point Stereo (SPS) and conventional stereo L-R speaker solutions from a compact, square frame that fits nearly anywhere and installs quickly and easily.

“Our dealers needed a versatile speaker that would give them and their customers more placement and playback options,” said Charlie Porritt, Russound’s CEO. “The new Acclaim models have a small enough footprint to go virtually anywhere. The size, combined with a fixed tilt chassis, makes them a great problem solver for installations where ideal speaker placement isn’t possible due to size or location limitations. With these new Russound models, integrators can make the most out of any room’s possibilities, while being able to direct the sound exactly where it’s needed.”

The new Russound Acclaim 7W51SFT and 7W52FT speakers feature a compact, perfectly square form factor that requires only 7.25 x 7.25 inches of cut-out room. Both the single-point stereo 7W51SFT and left-right stereo 7W52FT feature a removable, 15-degree fixed-tilt baffle that lets the installer direct the sound in any of four directions.

Both units feature Russound’s patented, vibration-damping Iso-Mount system and pivoting tweeters that allow easy fine tuning. Because the footprint is small, the company said, the models lend themselves to in-ceiling applications where larger speakers would be impossible or unwelcome, such as in a bathroom or small study.

The speakers’ dimensions allow installation within a single stud bay along with an amplified keypad, significantly reducing the work involved in running wires to difficult locations in a retrofit installation. Magnetic grilles ensure quick and secure installation.

Thanks to their versatility, both new Acclaim 7W models are ideal for home theater installations that feature the new Dolby ProLogic IIz “height” channels, according to the company.

Russound’s new Acclaim 7W models’ low profile design are particularly suited to the company’s new Powerline Carrier system that will ship in October. Dubbed, Collage, the new system is designed to give end-users complete multi-room access to digital audio entertainment, legacy sources, intercom system and color security cameras by way of a home’s standard AC wiring. By negating the need for a centralized controller, amplified keypads and system sources can be placed anywhere in a home where AC power has been run.

Russound’s Acclaim 7W51SFT is sold in single units and the 7W52FT is sold in pairs. Pricing will be confirmed by the time of the CEDIA EXPO.