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Savant’s Capacitive Glass Technology Touch Panels

Savant Systems’ two Tabletop Touch Panels, the TTP-109B (nine-inch panel) and the TTP-113B (13-inch panel) feature a capacitive touch interface. Both panels are used for navigating and controlling single-function technologies by integrating light switches, thermostats, security keypads, and multi-zone audio controls into a single interface.

Both new models are equipped with a high-resolution widescreen TFT LCD display and the latest capacitive touch interface. The panel’s top coat provides a smooth surface while offering scratch resistance and overall durability. All buttons are configurable for single and multiple functions making it easy to launch your favorite scenes and services.

Each model also incorporates an integrated microphone and speakers, ideal for audible button alerts or intercom systems. The panels can also display full-motion video from external sources such as cable or satellite TV, security cameras, DVD players, and video servers.

Savant’s Tabletop Touch Panels only require a single Cat-5e cable connection and local power for full operation within a ROSIE system. Each can be personalized with a wide variety of colors, styles, and themes to suit the operational preferences and decor of each consumer.