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Screen Innovations Introduces Short Throw Projection Screen, Partners with Sony

Screen Innovations has introduced a new short throw projection screen and partnered with Sony to distribute its new screens with the company's projectors.

Screen Innovations (SI) brings a new, never-before-seen technology to market by introducing the Short Throw (ST) projection screen designed exclusively for bottom-throw, ultra short throw projectors. The ST 5 Series screens will be sold to authorized SI dealers and distributors worldwide. SI has also partnered with Sony to distribute the 5 Series Zero Edge ST screens with its new 4K ultra short throw projector for commercial installations.

 The 5 Series Zero Edge ST screens are made from a proprietary optic screen material that offers a 180-degree viewing angle and 700 percent better contrast, completely eliminating the problem of washed-out images in environments with lots of ambient light.

To amplify a room’s ambience for the ultimate viewing experience, SI also offers optional LED backlighting with 15,000 programmable color options.

Suggested Retail Price:
Starting at:$4199.00

Available screen sizes: 92–120 inches
Aspect Ratios: 16:9, 17:9, 16:10