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Screen Research’s CEDIA EXPO Plans

Screen Reasearch will be exhibiting new products and announcements at CEDIA 2009. In addition to new screen ranges, it will also be exhibiting three new screen fabrics.

The company will debut its Supreme 2 Screen Ranges, which feature patented new technologies.

Screen Research will also exhibit the 2 Motorized Drop Down Screen Range, which features the company’s patented TFX tab tensioning system, new performance and engineering enhancements.

The Supreme 2 Fixed Frame Screen Range debuts a new rigid design, Supreme velour cover and FastGrip, the company’s patented new screen fabric attachment system. Installing a projection screen has never been easier.

Screen Research’s new Classic Series fixed and motorized screens offer screen solutions at competitive price points, without sacrificing Screen Research screen performance.

The company’s new screen materials include the Multipix, which is a new high-gain fabric utilizes multi-layer technology to achieve high-fidelity imagery with increased brightness and contrast. (White MultiPix: 1.3 and 1.5 gain; Gray MultiPix: 1.3 gain)

The Hi-Gain ClearPix2 is an acoustically transparent screen fabric (1.2 gain).

The ClearPix3 is a white, classically woven acoustically transparent screen fabric achieved ISF certification and offers unity gain for impressive video and audio experience.