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SI to Showcase Reference Motorized Projector Screen

SI will feature its new “green,” low-voltage Reference Motorized projector screen during the 2009 CEDIA EXPO. Now shipping, the new Reference Motorized projector screen is the first flush and decor motorized low-voltage projector screen available, according to the company.

“Our new Reference Motorized Series sets the standard for high-end electric projector screens,” SI product development manager, Tim Freemyer, said. “Reference motorized has changed the industry standard by eliminating the need for flush mount chassis. The controls can reside in the installation cabinet or equipment rack, making integration a breeze.”

According to Ryan Gustafson, SI president, transformative design eliminates the need for a flush mount chassis. “For over a century, flush-mount screens have been shipped as a two-piece system,” he said. “With our new transformative design, we have completely eliminated the need for the box-in-a-box concept. No extra costs.”

SI’s low-voltage “quiet” motor eliminates the need for an electrician during installation. You can now hook up your motorized screen with a simple 16-gauge two-conductor wire, thus eliminating the need for line voltage at the screen location.

“We have been constantly getting complaints from our dealers about hiring and relying on costly electricians,” Gustafson continued. “With Reference Motorized, our dealers can simply plug in the motorized screen controls box with small power supply similar to a laptop.”

Rack mount controls allow installers to mount the controls box in the customers equipment rack, eliminating the need for running a low voltage trigger wire, IR extension, RS232, etc. to the screen. Now, IR, LV trigger, RF, and RS232 can be hooked up in the equipment rack, and only a 16-gauge two conductor wire is needed to power the screen.

Additional Reference Motorized Screen highlights include:
“Super Flat” Rigid Screen Tensioning System
Flush in-ceiling, external, or on-ceiling mountable
Screen Sizes – 16:9 / 16:10 – 80in. – 160in.
Screen Sizes – 2.40:1 / 2.35:1 – 80in. – 160in.
Screen Sizes – 4:3 – 77in. – 133in.
Lunar HD 0.85 Gray
Gamma HD 1.1 White
Solar HD 1.3 White
Gamma Maestro HD 1.1 White Weave
Lunar Maestro HD 0.85 Gray Weave
24 inches of black screen drop, up to six feet custom available
Simple installation with universal brackets
“Easy set” upper and lower limit adjustments
Lifetime replacement policy