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SpeakerCraft’s New Rock Speaker Line

SpeakerCraft has developed a new line of outdoor rock speakers, called Ruckus, which replaces the Rox series. The new line features 10 models with upgrades in both sonic capability and appearance.

“The loudspeaker rock format has become a very important part of the SpeakerCraft offering,” SpeakerCraft’s V.P. of product development, Jeff Francisco, said. “The new Ruckus series advances that format featuring new driver compliments and a much more durable housing that will withstand extreme weather and other abuse these speakers face in exterior installations.”

The Ruckus loudspeakers have a durable U.V.- and weather-resistant lacquer coating on top of a reinforced, color-matched polyresin enclosure. This means that even if the outer coating is chipped or marred, the material underneath is the same color and, just like an actual rock, will maintain its rock-like appearance.

Available in five models, each in granite or sandstone finishes, the Ruckus series speakers will blend into any landscape. Their carefully molded enclosures mimic actual stone and are designed provide years of outdoor entertainment.

Along with the standard coaxial driver complements in five-, six-, or eight-inch versions, there is also a dual tweeter model that plays both stereo channels from a single enclosure. In addition a subwoofer with a dedicated amplifier provides bass frequency support to the rest of the line.