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Terra’s New CA.WF65.2R In-Wall All-weather Speaker

Terra Loudspeakers is showing a pre-production sample of its latest in-ceiling single-point-stereo speaker at CEDIA EXPO in Atlanta.

The CA.WF65.2R will begin shipping in the fourth quarter. The CA.WF65.2R is a two-way WideFi single-point-stereo system featuring a 6.5-inch ACAD cast frame woofer and dual 0.5-inch co-axial Aluminum dome tweeters. Like all Terra speakers, the system is capable of withstanding direct exposure to all types of weather (140 to 192 degrees F) and may even be installed without concern on sea-going vessels. Every component part has been designed to remain rust and corrosion free as evidenced by the company’s limited lifetime warranty policy. And perhaps most unusual in this day and age, Terra manufactures its products in their Maine factory, even going so far as to hand assemble their woofers in-house to ensure optimum performance and sample to sample consistency.

All Terra CA Series speakers feature Location Balanced Sound incorporating built-in mid-bass boundary compensation as they are sonically balanced to be built into a wall or ceiling. Also, since built-in speakers are usually listened to off-axis and at lower volume levels, particular attention has been paid to providing smooth yet detailed and extended HF response with excellent dispersion.

Unique technical features include Terra’s ACAD Anodized Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragms which make for very light, stiff and responsive weather-proof cones. Also featured is the company’s unusual Magnetic Fluid Centering System (MCFS) which eliminates the typical woofer “spider” and its associated limitations. The spider has been replaced with specially developed magnetic fluid that provides the centering force required by the driver while delivering lower distortion and reduced dynamic restriction of the cones’ motion. Additionally, MCFS helps cool the drivers’ voice coil thus enhancing its power handling and dramatically reducing thermal compression. Other technical highlights include:

  • One-inch aluminum alloy tweeters with Neodymium magnets and fluid cooling
  • Both tweeters are in tilting, aim-able mounts to optimize sound coverage
  • High-quality crossover components
  • Heavy-duty gold plated spring loaded binding posts
  • Easy rotating “dog” captured screw mounting system
  • Paintable grill and bezel