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THIEL Loudspeakers’ DewPoint Outdoor Speaker

THIEL Loudspeakers will debut the DewPoint, which is its new surface-mount outdoor loudspeaker.

A derivative of THIEL’s PowerPoint 1.2 on-wall/on-ceiling speaker, the DewPoint can be placed in a wide variety of outdoor (and indoor) locations, on ceilings, and walls in an inclement environment provided that it does not receive direct exposure to water. Recommended placement includes mounting the speakers beneath an eave or covered porch.

DewPoint is highly resistant to environmental extremes. The enclosure is made of sturdy aluminum and is paintable to match any decor. The DewPoint’s anodized aluminum grille is impervious to rust and attached to the cabinet with a soft-set adhesive. All of the mounting hardware included with the speakers is made of top quality stainless steel.

The DewPoint’s combination of coaxial/coplanar drivers, wedge-shaped enclosure, and 90-degree radiation pattern enables the sound to cover virtually any area far more completely than normal, more directional surface-mount or in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.

By utilizing the combination of carefully engineered woofer positioning and angle, DewPoint eliminates the wall-reflection cancellation that mars the sonic performance of surface-mounted speaker.