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Triad Speakers and PMI Present CinemaPlus at CEDIA 2009

Triad Speakers Inc. and Anthony Grimani’s PMI Ltd. are demonstrating their CinemaPlus package. The package is a combination of Triad’s Gold and/or Platinum loudspeakers along with PMI’s design/engineering and build consulting, which is an extensive set of custom plans and acoustic treatments.

Three CinemaPlus packages, based on room size, are available to all Triad dealers at approximately $45,000, $77,000, and $93,000 MSRP.

The CinemaPlus demo will take place in an engineered room, built from “scratch” within the shell of a medium-sized sound room. Complete with acoustical isolation, sheetrock walls, isolated HVAC, and everything needed to provide a quiet environment, the CinemaPlus demo aims to deliver a dynamic theater performance.

The featured CinemaPlus package (System 3) boasts three Triad Platinum LCRs, six Triad Gold Surrounds, and twelve Triad-built CinemaPlus subwoofers, each of which utilizes a long-throw 12-inch driver and a 500 watt RackAmp DSP500.

“CEDIA attendees can experience a world-class home theater solution available to Triad dealers and their customers — lock, stock and plans,” Triad Speakers director of sales and marketing, Paul Scarpelli, said. “For the end-user, CinemaPlus’ results are incredible. And for the dealer, it is EASY.”

In addition to CinemaPlus, demonstration partner SIM2 is providing their C3X Lumis Host 3-chip DLP projector with SCORE motorized anamorphic lens system to be showcased on Screen Research’s 102-inch X-Mask, featuring a native 2.35:1 image ratio, lateral masking, and its ClearPix2, THX- and ISF-certified, acoustically transparent screen material. Integra is providing their DHC-9.9 Preamplifier Processor and DBS-30.1 Profile 2.0 Blu-ray players.