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Universal Remote Control Urc Lighting by Lutron

How do you rate URC Lighting by Lutron?
This is a terrific new offering. Jamiesons Audio/Video has offered URC remote controls for many years. Like most audio/video contractors, we have always strived to get to most out of the remotes we program for our clients. We have applied unique approaches to operating lighting control systems such as the Lutron Graphix Eye and the Lutron Spacer System. So we were excited to find out that URC was working with Lutron on a lighting control system that would operate with the RF control capability of their remotes. We even had the chance to work with URC during the beta testing trials of these products. The results have been fantastic.

For what applications is it best suited?
With the new URC lighting controls, we can easily replace existing switches and put the commands into our remote programs. Whereas remote controls once were a feature typically reserved for “home theaters,” we now find ourselves putting URC controls in family rooms, bedrooms, studies, outdoor porches and, with the URC KP-900 wireless keypad, even in kitchens. The light switches are simple to program and simple to use. We can even create lighting scenes. Overall, URC Lighting by Lutron has given us an opportunity for add-on sales, and allows us to leave each project with a real “gee-whiz” feature that is also affordable.

Describe its feature set.
The best part about these lighting products is that no interface is required when you use them with the URC remote controls, so it’s easy to add commands. URC Lighting by Lutron saves the client money due to the energy savings and bulb life that result when you operate lights at a lower wattage. The switches and dimmers enhance clients’ home theater enjoyment by adding ambience and security, and they look great; they fit in with other Decora-style switches from Lutron and other manufacturers. Overall, URC lighting is easy to explain and easy to operate. And besides the remote function, the client can operate the products as they would conventional dimmers and switches.

What features would you like to see changed or added?
The current line has a 600-watt maximum load capacity. We would like to see a 1,000-watt version.