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Universal Remote Control’s MX-5000 Two-Way Color Touch Screen Remote

Universal Remote Control Inc. will unveil the MX-5000 to the CEDIA community at CEDIA EXPO 2009. The MX-5000 is a wand-style, two-way, color, touch-screen remote control and is designed to serve as the primary user interface for a networked commercial or residential A/V installation.

In addition to being PC-programmable, the remote control is also designed for one-handed operation. It is also the first remote control to offer haptic technology, which responds to each touch-screen button push with a vibration, which confirms operation for the user to and allows for maintained eye contact with the television.

Linked via WiFi to a networked AV system, the MX-5000 integrates new digital media sources and content with traditional IR and RS-232 components and serves as a comprehensive dashboard for everything in the system. The two-way database, allows the remote to display the current status and browse media from IP-controlled components, such as PCs, servers, cameras, lighting, HVAC and networked AV receivers. The MX-5000 is equipped with WiFi (B and G), Narrow Band, RF, and IR.

URC has also developed a two-way database, which enables installers to integrate two-way IP and RS-232 devices without scripting. This allows installers to provide a fully customized two-way handheld remote that does a programmer. Any technician capable of a final hook-up can program the MX-5000, without weeks of training.

URC’s integrated universal programming platform, Complete Control Program (CCP), creates one file for all remote controls, keypads, lighting and automation in one installation. It also offers drag-and-drop programming as well as pre-programmed modules for pop-up volume control for networked AV receivers; when the user touches a volume button on the MX-5000, a pop-up display shows the current volume in real time. All of the user’s media choices are available on the MX-5000’s screen.

The MSRP of the MX-5000, now shipping, is $1,199.95. The MX-5000 packaging will include a rechargeable battery and charging base.