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Vantage’s Energy Management Solution

Vantage is offering a new range of products that provide a complete Energy Management Solution when integrated with its InFusion Control System. The centerpiece of the solution is a touchscreen-based energy dashboard that quantifies specific energy usage and enables custom strategies for the homeowner to produce direct savings.

“There is a lot of hype today around ‘green,’ but from its inception 25 years ago, Vantage has been a pioneer in intelligent control solutions that have provided managed energy efficiency,” said Andrew Wale, Vantage vice president of marketing. “The Energy Management Solution is a natural evolution to our systems. We’re now offering homeowners the ability to see real-time energy usage and the effect of strategies that manage energy usage in accordance with their own lifestyle requirements.”

The Energy Management Solution includes the following:
software that is easily uploaded to the Vantage InFusion System,
a separate power meter quickly installed by the dealer,
new ranges of occupancy and ambient light level sensors, and
both wired and wireless interfaces for integrated control of Somfy automated window treatments.

The system can also be programmed by the dealer with local power costs so that the homeowner can instantly view the exact kilowatt hours they are saving, as well as the equivalent dollar savings.

Additionally, the Energy Management Solution is based on a global platform, making it compatible with any utility company, anywhere around the world-a key differentiator for the luxury market. This flexibility, coupled with the pre-programmed software, make the Energy Management Solution a simple upgrade for the homeowner and an effortless installation for the dealer.

Homeowners who have the product installed reported a 20 percent decrease in lighting energy usage from dimming alone since implementing the system. This decrease could amount to an average of $600-$1,500 savings annually, in addition to the positive effects of energy conservation on the environment as a whole.

The Energy Management Solution also delivers up-to-date weather, with outdoor temperature and weather conditions, and offers three- to five-day forecasts. The system will begin shipping in June.