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What’s Crosspoint?

CEDIA offers Web-portal resource to its members.

CEDIA members are now just a few clicks away from accessing information about the industrys hottest trends and innovations. CEDIA has officially launched Crosspoint, a members-only Web portal designed to compile a vast knowledge base on the issues, trends and technologies shaping the CEDIA landscape now and into the future.

Crosspoint opens a direct line of communication between electronic systems contractors, manufacturers and other members of the association. Information on the site will help members build their businesses and stay on top of changes in the industry.

What is Crosspoint?

Crosspoint is the new Web portal driven by CEDIAs volunteer Technology Council. Through content that includes a wiki, blogs, forums, survey polls and an audio/video library, Crosspoint aims to provide a one-stop solution for members technology inquiries, allowing participants to prepare for changes and opportunities created by technology.

How and why was it developed?

CEDIAs Technology Council is a new volunteer team charged with assessing industry trends and projections and channeling this information to CEDIA Members. The council developed Crosspoint to be its premier catalyst for information-sharing a meeting place where common and obscure discoveries, trends, and techniques are shared and discussed.

Who can participate?

Crosspoint is exclusively available to CEDIA Members. Content and dialogue will be provided by leadership, volunteers, electronic systems designers and technicians, and manufacturers.

What will I find at Crosspoint?

High-Profile Blogs. Recent posts include Michael Heiss discussion on gaming, including Sony and Microsofts expansion in online services, Wii music, and X-Boxs Youre in the Movies. Plus: Think 1080P is the bees knees? According to Gary Sasaki, 1080P is so last year; Ultra High Definition is the next big thing.

Forums. The question of 2:35:1 projection has come up. Rich Green recently attended a private viewing of a 10 megapixel front projection system which produced astonishing results. Read the forum.

Audio and Video Library. Browse everything from CEDIA Members Sound & Vision Radio discussions on the importance of design to must-see videos of the interactive technologies your clients will be demanding in coming years.

Manufacturers Corner (coming soon). A section dedicated to creating dialogue between electronic systems contractors and manufacturers.

Resource Center. A wiki designed to be the one-stop shop for members technology inquiries.

How will Crosspoint benefit CEDIA Members?

CEDIA Members will use Crosspoint to become better informed on trends, technologies, and techniques. Participants will be able to discuss the projected future of the industry and anticipate the challenges and opportunities it creates for their businesses.

Open dialogue among participants will foster an environment where CEDIA Members are prepared to capitalize on the technologies of the future and where product development takes the perspective of industry members into consideration.

CEDIAs Technology Council and Crosspoint are powered by the efforts of volunteers from across the globe. For information about contributing, contact CEDIAs Technology Council at [email protected]. CEDIA Crosspoint may be found at