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Yamaha’s New Receivers and Disc Players

Yamaha’s new neoHD Media Controllers are designed to provide the HD audio and video performance essential to HD entertainment experiences and total control of all home, Internet, and portable sources connected to a home AV system.

Using a remote to drive a menu-driven, on-screen display, neoHD is designed to make it simple to navigate and access all audio and video content in the home, regardless of where it is stored. neoHD is available in a variety of configurations, including neoHD, neoHD WiFi with WiFi/Ethernet compatibility, and neoHD System 2.1, a complete audio and system control solution that matches the YMC-500 Media Controller with two high-quality speakers and a subwoofer.

neoHD can be set up as a 5.1 or 2.1 system. Yamaha’s AIR SURROUND XTREME technology adds extra system setup flexibility for a two-speaker stereo configuration, delivering surround sound that clearly separates the audio from in front, behind, and either side of the viewer.

The MusicCAST2 is a WiFi-based system that can distribute audio from a vast array of sources, including the Rhapsody online music service, Internet radio, computers (PC and Mac) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. MusicCAST2 supports iTunes AAC files via TwonkyMedia Server software, which is bundled with the MCX-RC100 Network Music Commander.

Additionally, individual MusicCAST2 Network Music Players can playback music from iPod and Bluetooth devices via optional accessories, as well as from USB thumb drives. The MusicCAST2 system consists of the Network Music Commander, a slim remote control with a full-color LCD screen, touch pad and intuitive graphic user interface, and Network Music Players (MCX-A300 and MCX-P200) that can be placed in up to 32 rooms throughout the home.

The MusicCAST2 Zone Pack 2A, which includes a MCX-RC100 Network Music Commander and two MCX-MCX-A300 amplified Network Music Players, is also available.