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ZeeVee to Teach Course in HD Video Distribution over Coax

ZeeVee will be hosting its first CEDIA training course this fall at CEDIA 2009, focusing on an unusual topic: Retrofit HD video distribution over coaxial wiring. The course is scheduled for Friday, September 11 at 2:00 PM.

Based on the same technology used by cable companies and TV stations, ZeeVee’s products distribute HD video sources (such as cable boxes, DVRs, media servers, Blu Ray DVD players etc.) formatted as HD cable TV channels over existing coax. The source/channel can be tuned in by any HDTV connected to the coax wiring, creating a cost-effective HD video distribution network ideal for retrofit applications. ZeeVee has shattered the cost barrier of using MPEG2 encoding and HD modulation as a video distribution hub in both the residential and commercial markets.

The training program that ZeeVee developed for its technology recently debuted at Capitol Sales, the distributor of ZeeVee products in the residential systems integrator market. “Capitol has a deep commitment to training, making the company an ideal proving ground for the course and a valued distribution partner,” said Dave Malin, VP of Sales for ZeeVee.

“ZeeVee offers one of the most unique and appealing product lines in the market, and their approach to training is as captivating as the technology,” said Jeff Kussard, Capitol Sales’ strategic development director. “It was highly practical and interactive, and made our people very comfortable with HD video distribution over coax in general, and with ZeeVee in particular. We are excited about the opportunity to bring the ZeeVee lineup to the attention of the CEDIA channel.”

In addition to the training course offered at CEDIA, ZeeVee is developing a full suite of remote e-learning courses.