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2022 CEDIA Shares: PowerHouse Alliance

PowerHouse Alliance gives Residential Systems readers a sneak peek at what the company is planning for its CEDIA Expo 2022 exhibit.

CEDIA Shares - CEDIA 2022 - PowerHouse Alliance – Dennis Holzer
Dennis Holzer

In our series of #CEDIAShares blogs, we’re talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they’re looking to see at CEDIA Expo 2022.

Q&A with Dennis Holzer, executive director, PowerHouse Alliance.


As one of the major trade shows that we exhibit at as a group, CEDIA Expo provides a unique opportunity for PowerHouse Alliance members, vendors, and dealers. While PowerHouse members are deeply connected with their local community of dealers, the show provides both current and prospective dealers in each territory opportunities to network with their distributor, view new potential product categories, see new vendor offerings, and get an overall feel for the direction the industry is moving. Our members offer training and easy access to a range of product categories, including security, networking, audio, video, and much more. CEDIA is an important touch point for PowerHouse with the CI channel.

What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

The PowerHouse Alliance looks forward to seeing how manufacturers and dealers have adapted their technology and business patterns to accommodate changes in consumer behavior, installation patterns, and, just as important, supply chain issues.

Over the last year we have seen outdoor AV projects increase exponentially as homeowners have renovated their spaces while staying home during the pandemic. We expect to see new trends in outdoor AV technology products and are looking forward to talking to dealers and integrators about the growth of this category and what that means for their business.

As homeowners continue to outfit their homes for work-from-home purposes, I expect we will see new products with manufacturers showcasing audio, video, and networking products that will provide dealers with the resources they need to continue to stay relevant in the ever-changing market.

What will you focus on at the show?

The PowerHouse Alliance is excited to continue to capitalize on a year of member and vendor growth at CEDIA Expo 2022. While the industry continues to be challenged with supply chain issues, PowerHouse has continued to expand both their vendor list and number of member locations.

Now with over 60 locations across the United States, the PowerHouse Alliance distributor members continue to expand their reach, adding new locations and expanding current locations to larger warehouses. The PowerHouse Alliance continues to expand its reach, providing dealers and integrators with the new and popular products they need to complete installations at convenient locations across the country. Member Mountain West recently opened a new location in Beaverton, Oregon, and KOA Electronics Distribution Inc., Pioneer Music Company, ECD, and 21st Century Distributing have also opened new locations this year — with more locations expected to open later in 2022.

Along with member growth, the PowerHouse Alliance looks forward to showcasing vendor growth across the audio, smart home, networking, and lighting categories with Nortek, JVC, Vanco, Wyrestorm, Focal, Legrand, Wilson, Kwikset, URC, eero, Aruba, Russound, Powershades, Peerless, Mantel Mount, Hikvision, Arlington, A2V, and Simply 45. The PowerHouse Alliance is also looking forward to continuing to support dealers and integrators with trainings and webinars that help they stay up to date on new products and trends including our recent education partnership with CEDIA.

To learn more, check out PowerHouse Alliance in booth 21079 at CEDIA Expo 2022 and visit