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2022 CEDIA Shares: SurgeX

SurgeX gives Residential Systems readers a sneak peek at what the company is planning for its CEDIA Expo 2022 exhibit.

CEDIA Shares - CEDIA 2022 0 SurgeX - Chad Russell
Chad Russell

In our series of #CEDIAShares blogs, we’re talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they’re looking to see at CEDIA Expo 2022.

Q&A with Chad Russell, SurgeX.

Why CEDIA Expo 2022?

The residential technology sector has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years, and CEDIA Expo is the perfect place to connect and talk about it with our partners, customers, and friends! There is nothing like the face-to-face interactions we’re able to have on the show floor, and our team is thrilled to get back to business in Dallas. SurgeX might be a brand with a legacy footprint, but it’s also a powerhouse (pun intended) in the CEDIA channel.

The CEDIA community is uniquely positioned to deliver experiences in the home that not only make life easier, but more comfortable, more energy efficient, and more reliable overall. Smart home technology does bring some intense power demand — with AV-rich home theaters rising in demand, home offices becoming permanent spaces, multipurpose spaces becoming commonplace, and the latest technologies like electric vehicles introducing all-new power requirements. We’re excited to connect with folks and demonstrate how our solutions withstand the test of time to keep all of it up and running.

What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

Residential technology is more complex and interwoven than ever — so I’m expecting the CEDIA floor to be woven with hidden treasures that really take the smart home to the next level. One space that has seen some serious upgrades this year is lighting and shading, especially as more projects draw inspiration from human-centric and wellness solutions. Lighting and shading are offering more granular control for homeowners to transform the atmosphere of their spaces, and these technologies are proving to carry some tremendous value across every room in the home.

Speaking of control, I’m also interested to see how integrators and manufacturers are taking advantage of voice in their projects. Interfaces are evolving to embrace the myriad of ways voice control makes life easier — AV scenes, lighting, security systems, and more are ready to move away from buttons, and now you can literally command your dishwasher or laundry to get your housework started for you. I think more brands will be taking advantage of voice interfaces and using it to further enhance the entire smart home ecosystem.

On the product front, I am excited to see the new laser projector lineup from Sony in person, as well was what my good friends at have been up to since my departure. I know they have some cool things cooking that I may or may not have been involved with. *Wink-wink-nudge-nudge*

What will you focus on at the show?

The SurgeX team is eager to return to the CEDIA Expo show floor this year for another jam-packed sprint of networking with our customers and partners armed with a diverse spread of advanced power quality solutions. We’ll be demonstrating the performance and value of a proper, intelligent power foundation with an array of flagship products, including our full line of UPS solutions, Advanced Series Mode, and of course, SQUID.

We’ve also welcomed some new faces to our sales team this past year, and we’re excited to introduce them to the community at CEDIA Expo by way of one of our legendary SurgeX Happy Hours! We’re inviting our customers to join us on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 6:00 PM at Deep Ellum Brewing Company for a fun night of beer, networking, and games. If you can’t make it, no worries — there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with us at our booth over the three-day program.

To learn more, check out SurgeX in booth 24059 at CEDIA Expo 2022 and visit