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Epson Projector Opens Budget Opportunities

Earlier this week I visited the headquarters of Screen Innovations in Austin, TX, to view the company’s full line of projection screens. Screen Innovations had carefully chosen projectors to best illuminate video images on their screens. When I asked what projector model they were using, I was shocked to find out it was the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010.

As an integrator, I have a very narrow definition for what I consider a “high-end” projector. There are certain lines that I use on a regular basis, and Epson has not been one of them. I have installed many Screen Innovations Black Diamond screens and never thought to pair one with what I consider a mid-range projector like the 6010. After what I saw in Austin, however, my opinion definitely changed.

The 6010’s colors were tight and vibrant, and the picture was bright and clear. Its 2400-lumen light output is perfect for residential installs because the light in the room can be easily manipulated.

This experience showed me that you don’t have to spend a lot to get great quality from a video projector. I can now create two-piece projection packages for my clients at almost any price point.

This is not going to stop me from selling high-end projectors for applications where a higher performance projector is a better fit. There is a reason why projectors are considered “high-end” and have a higher price point. These projectors allow for software upgrades, anamorphic and wide screen lens options, a higher level of calibration settings, and tighter throw distances. The Epson 6010 is not a replacement piece but a beginning piece and price point for the client that is just getting into two-piece projection. I can now fill a price point that has been empty for me since Anthem stopped making projectors. With this particular combination of projector and screen, my clients can have a great picture under $10,000.

A quality projector at this price point also enables me to open up a client’s budget to other technologies. I can use these additional dollars to customize my job by, for instance, installing a motorized mount to hide the projector or whatever other personal “stamp” I’d like to place on the job.

Like anything else, it’s all about meeting and exceeding your customer’s needs. I now have an answer for a client who wants a movie theater feel without a huge budget to do it.