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Product Review: Fun with Boston Acoustics’ SoundWare Speakers

Every once and a while I see a new product that I've just got to try out for myself.

Every once and a while I see a new product that I’ve just got to try out for myself. This happened last fall when I was privileged to tour the Boston Acoustics headquarters and first set eyes on the company’s new SoundWare line of indoor/outdoor speakers.

The SoundWare speakers were a close match to the reviewer’s home’s bricks.
Made of weather-resistant materials, the relatively small speakers are ideal for corner mounting, which was my application of choice on my deck earlier this spring.

The mounting hardware was intuitive even for a CI novice like me, and the “natural” color I picked was a near-match to my home’s exterior bricks.

The aesthetics were a given for these snazzy little cubes, but what about the sound? With a listed frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz (3dB), my ears haven’t been disappointed. Like the rest of America, my source material is an iPod, but even with the bass booster on and the volume up to 40 on my old Onkyo surround processor, the SoundWare pair has performed up to my expectations.

The only time I got a little worried about the speakers’ performance was last Fall when I first tried them out (uninstalled). The bass broke up quite badly back then, which I have since attributed to the cooler than preferred temperatures at the time. Now that they’re thoroughly warmed up, my neighbors are already asking where they can get speakers just like them.