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Are You Scaring Off Potential Customers?

Complement your website’s images of your largest installations with a blog that answers questions about your smallest.

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One of our key people at Livewire called me last week and asked why our website touts all sorts of shiny media rooms, theaters, and huge projects while the majority of our work consists of single-room flat panel TV-with-soundbar and universal remote solutions. We don’t brag online about how we’re capable of installing small systems or taking over failed installations. Why was that? “Good point,” I mused and began to ponder what we should do about it.

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The next day I met with our marketing outfit, WebStrategies, and asked our account rep, Preston, the same question I’d been asked. Preston thought about it and suggested we write an article addressing the question head on. Of course! I’ve written about our infatuation with Marcus Sheridan and his “They Ask You Answer” concept of answering customer questions online. In the spirit of sharing what we know with the industry, here’s what I decided to offer up to customers on our website:

Is my job too small?
Probably not. Livewire does jobs of all shapes and sizes. The common thread running through them all is each and every customer we’ve worked with decided to hire us because someone they knew had a good experience and trusted us. We’re not the cheapest outfit in town, but we’re really good at helping out people who place a premium on their own time and appreciate top-notch service.

Will Livewire service systems that were installed by other integrators?
You bet. All we ask is one of our sales engineers be allowed to meet with you first to make sure whatever we’re fixing is built on a solid foundation. If the basics like a solid network or quality gear aren’t present, we’ll need to get those in good working order before doing anything else.

Do I need to sign up for one of your service plans?
Yes. We offer different types of plans designed to meet your needs, including options ranging from same-day service to per-incident billing. We want to deliver on your expectations and having your preferences documented is paramount to make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Why won’t you warranty DIY solutions like Logitech Harmony, Ring, or Nest?
We’re in the business of delivering simplicity and happiness. There are a ton of popular consumer products that may be part of your home technology setup that may need to be rebooted from time to time. This is normal, but it’s not something we warranty or support free of charge. If you’re comfortable with the technology enough to handle that yourself, great. If not, we’re happy to offer up professionally installed products that can be remotely managed by our team or bill hourly for any help you need.

What if I just need a TV mounted with a soundbar and universal remote?
Great news! We do a ton of that type of work. Don’t let our website or portfolio pics fool you. Our bread-and-butter projects are often simple single-room audio-video solutions. We’ll also happily help you expand and update an older multiroom audio system or upgrade your old audio-video receiver.

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Are you scaring off customers in your business? Feel free to adapt our “They Ask You Answer” content for your own website.

Stay frosty, and see you in the field.

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