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CEDIA Shares 2021: Samsung

Samsung gives Residential Systems readers a sneak peek at the company’s resimerical plans for its CEDIA Expo 2021 exhibit.

In our series of #CEDIAShares blogs, we’re talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they’re looking to see at CEDIA Expo 2021. We recently spoke with Samsung, who has decided to pull out of this year’s CEDIA Expo, but still support it and plan on introducing product virtually on the first day of the show.

Samsung — Resimercial

Samsung – CEDIA – Resimercial
Harry Patz Jr., senior vice-president and general manager, display division at Samsung Electronics America

Q&A with Harry Patz Jr., senior vice-president and general manager, display division at Samsung Electronics America.


Samsung’s and CEDIA’s values have always aligned when it comes to the importance of delivering first-in-class visual display products to the home install market. Samsung’s alignment of business and consumer products enables us to take the best of both and offer state-of-the-art products and services through one channel for customers, be they large or small. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to come together again to discuss our commitment to our channel partners and the future of this exciting industry.

What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

Home tech that delivers professional-grade quality through advancements in display picture quality, product connectivity, and remote management — whether they are for today’s luxury homes or residential properties.

What will you focus on at the show?

This has been a monumental year for Samsung in regard to new product releases, including the recently launched version of The Wall. The Wall can measure over 1000 inches, producing incredible quality that excels in the categories of brightness control, color precision, and design flexibility for luxury settings. Additionally, we are excited to be bringing an array of new and intelligent display products to the show such as our QBR/QMB 4K UHD displays, Outdoor ProTV Terrace Edition, our Steaming TV/Smart Monitor, and our Odyssey Neo G9 Game room monitor.

Samsung — Residential

Jim Mayo – Samsung

Q&A with Jim Mayo, director of CI channel sales & strategy, Samsung Electronics America.


More than any other touchpoint in the calendar year, CEDIA is our chance to engage with our partners and listen to their valuable feedback — regardless of the in-person or virtual environment. While our high-performing product portfolios (of which we have plenty of news to share at the show) are a core part of our promise to our partners, our programs are equally as important. The Platinum Program, for example, allows us to collaborate closely with them in order to achieve success, so it’s essential to have a continual feedback loop through events like CEDIA to continually refine the offering. We’re grateful that the close collaboration with our partners has enabled us to achieve #1 market share in the channel in just a few years.

What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

More versatility for best-in-class residential display technology products!

What will you focus on at the show?

Simply, our partners and our products.

Our Platinum Program has continued to grow significantly in the last 12 months, and we’ll have more details to share at the show. But in addition to helping our partners achieve success, our programs have also been developed to help those in need. Combining our partners’ donations and Samsung’s charity matching program, we’re proud to be on track to achieve ~$300,000 in funding to help those in need.

As for products, we’ll be sharing more news on Sept 1. While we won’t be seeing our partners in-person this year, we’re still looking forward to connecting, listening and implementing their feedback.

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