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Resi Guide to InfoComm: Control on a Budget

Iminate’s Product Line Lends Itself to Low-Cost Installations

The integrated life theme at InfoComm 2018 looks to build off of end-user fascination with smart devices. Every automation and control company exhibiting has a process for including access via smart speakers and other IoT-based consumer products.

All of the solutions to integrate Alexa and Google Home products into the professionally installed control systems work well. There is a large demographic where the entry cost can be a barrier but who still want to eschew DIY. These do-it-for-me-on-a-budget customers may have a solution in Iminate.

Iminate’s product line and process follow its stated philosophy of “imagine simple.” The line offers wired and battery powered keypads, dimmers, switched outlets and security sensors. Every product has a dealer cost of sub $100, allowing for decent margins on low-budget installs.

The system connects as a “no hub” mesh network over a standard WiFi network. The system is made secure with what it calls built-in “patent-pending security protocols” to prevent malicious attacks or hijacking of the system. The system can be expanded over time as the client need last or desires grow. The units also implement a self-diagnostic routine every 60 minutes to preemptively find issues and repair them while the system reroutes around.

There is no need for dedicated interfaces, as the system connects with Android and iOS devices for simple control. Interoperability with IoT devices such as smart speakers and apps is achieved with IFTT (If This Then That) tools. The IFTT allows integrators to build connections between devices and services with custom keywords and actions. The integrator must have remote access runs via the Iminate secure remote server.

The dimmers and outlets provide equipment and lamp control with energy usage reporting for each. The status and overall usage can be tracked and detailed.

Iminate offers a line of sensors for room occupancy, motion detection and sound. From this, a simple status or security alert can be implemented. One of the sensors can detect window breakage or even gunshots.

Programming does not require cables or adapter—a simple Bluetooth connection is all you need.

As the market grows to provide solutions to a new lower budget client demographic, solutions such as Iminate may be just the right answer.