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Access Networks to Unveil New Technologies at the CEDIA 2017

Access Networks CEDIA announcements will include the AP Enclosure, six enterprise-grade Ruckus ICX switches, the Core2 and Core3 systems, Access Networks Cloud, and a special surprise at the show.

Access Networks is offering an array of new products to be on display at the CEDIA 2017. These new products and services have been engineered to exceed the expectations of integration professionals serving the luxury residential and connected home markets.

The Access Networks Access Point Enclosure (AP Enclosure) was designed to enable integrators to conceal Wi-Fi range-extending devices in optimized locations throughout the home within ceilings or walls. The customizable enclosure features round or square paintable magnetic cover options to suit any décor and has been engineered for the Ruckus R310 and R510 series of access points though the enclosure can be used with any access point, size allowing.

Access Networks will be offering six models of the enterprise-grade Ruckus ICX switch featuring the ability to manage multiple switches from a single IP Address. Integrators will appreciate the streamlined efficiency of Layer 2 to Layer 3 transition requiring no hardware change. ICX switches allow stacking with other than like model switches, and overall margins have been enhanced with channel-competitive retail pricing.

As new additions to their custom solutions, the Access Networks Core2 and Core3 systems are comprised of a router, a wireless controller, a core switch and a monitoring device, creating a complete premium enterprise-grade networking solution when combined with appropriate access points and switches. The Core2 and Core3 systems offer more networking horsepower at a lower cost with enhanced margins for integrators than prior solutions. Core2 is a flat network and Core3 leverages the same hardware as Core2 but comes with as many as six preconfigured VLANs.

The Access Networks Cloud is an ongoing management tool enabling integrators to monitor their client¹s wireless systems from a single view. Utilizing a recurring revenue model and costing less than a ZoneDirector-based system, Access Networks Cloud is intended for integrators that deploy large quantities of smaller wireless systems (two to five access points) and want to deliver superior service and support to their clients.

Access Networks also will be unveiling a surprise new product offering at CEDIA that will empower integrators to be more competitive in the market with Access Networks solutions.

“We are confident that the array of new products and services we are showcasing at the 2017 CEDIA will point the way toward valuable opportunities for integrators,” explained Access Networks CSO Bryce Nordstrand. “From the most advanced networking platforms, décor-friendly access point enclosures and enhanced services along with the benefits of recurring revenue opportunities, Access Networks is committed to being a valued solutions provider in the CEDIA community.”