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3 Tips for Winning a Future 2020 ISE Best of Show Award

Increase your chances of winning a Residential Systems Best of Show Award at ISE 2020.

ISE Best of Show

Each year there are thousands of new products introduced at ISE. Thousands. After all the effort you have put in to bring your product to market, how can you stand out?

Winning a Future ISE Best of Show Award from Residential Systems (as well as AV Technology Europe, Installation, and/or PSNEurope) goes a long way to differentiating your product from a crowded market and putting a spotlight on the hard work that led up to its release.

Click here for the FAQ, rules, and entry form.

Each entry is judged by an industry professional. We’re keeping them secret so they can visit your ISE booths anonymously, but there is a (very) good chance you’ve seen them in the pages (both web and print) of the brands they represent. Every entry gets listed in the post-show digital Best of Show Guide, but winners will receive a framed certificate and “Winner” logos that they can proudly display in their marketing.

That will generate some attention!

We are always asked how a product can improve its chances of winning, and here are three ways to catch our judges’ eyes:

Tell your story. Your entry form is a blank slate — use it for more than specs, although include those as well! This is your chance to tell the judges the thought behind the creation and building of a product. Make sure you point out exactly what makes this an award-worthy piece of gear.

First Impressions. Have you had any residential integrators beta-test the product? Provide any kind of feedback? Offer any impression on how your product performs? Make sure to include it.

Life Changing. What kind of impact do you intend this product to have on the installer and the end user? What sets it apart from similar products? You know why it’s better than everyone else’s — make sure the judge knows why, too.

Key Takeaways

What? Nominations for the Future ISE Best of Show Awards, presented by Residential Systems

When? Submissions open now through February 5, 2020

Why? Your products will be recognized by industry professionals; all entries receive post-show exposure in the Best of Show Guide; winning products receive marketing tools to promote their success

How? Click here.