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ProSource Announces 2022 Custom Integration Members of the Year

Annual honorees to be celebrated at ProSource Summit 2023.

ProSource has announced the 2022 Member of the Year annual honorees, who will be celebrated at the 2023 ProSource Summit that is being held at the Caesar’s Forum Convention Center in Las Vegas, March 19-22.

“I am happy to announce our members of the year at ProSource,” says Jim Pearse, president of ProSource. “It is a strong achievement to earn the honor of the best of the best at ProSource. The group is made up of the best custom installation dealers in the United States, so your award represents excellence that stands above the rest. Your team’s innovation, support of the ProSource vendor partners, and commitment to strengthen the ProSource culture of collaboration is appreciated. Congratulations!”

The 2022 Members of the Year, listed by region, are:

ProSource Memebr of the Year 2022 - Simply Automated

Northeast: Simply Automated — Tom Pieracki, President
“On behalf of my entire team, I’d like to thank ProSource and our district manager, Bobby Dodge, for this recognition,” says Tom Pieracki, president of Simply Automated. “Joining ProSource was hands down one of the best decisions I made when the company was young. The continued support, trainings, and enhanced vendor relationships, as well as the ability to meet and discuss business with fellow integrators that fight the same fight, has been invaluable to our success over the last decade.  Thanks to everyone on the Prosource team!”

“Tom and the team at Simply Automated are simply one of our most talented and supportive ProSource members,” says Robert Dodge, ProSource Northeast district manager. “They support our initiatives, vendor partners, educational offerings, and contribute at our events. Tom has impressively grown his business since joining ProSource and has become one of our most advanced members in the emerging lighting category. I’m proud to select Simply Automated our Northeast Member of the Year.”

ProSource Memebr of the Year 2022 - Arracal

Southeast: Arracal — Tony Calero, President, and Rene Arrazcaeta, COO
“Thank you very much for the nomination” says Tony Calero, president of Arracal. “Our team really appreciates the recognition and are honored to be considered.”

“Tony and his team at Arracal are more than a team; they are family,” says Carrie Fabrick, ProSource Southeast district manager. “His delivery in providing the best experience to all customers is their top priority. He is always looking for ways to support ProSource and our initiatives. Tony and his team opened their showroom to ProSource members for a town hall meeting and are always looking at ways to be engaged. Arracal continues to strive for greatness, and I’m proud to have Tony represent the Southeast territory in this year’s honorees for Member of the Year.”

ProSource Memebr of the Year 2022 - PAC Hawaii

West: Pacific Audio & Communications (PAC) Hawaii — Phil Mulligan, President, and Pat Mulligan, Vice President

“One of our initiatives for 2022 was to further nurture our partner relationships and capitalize on product offerings,” says Pat Mulligan, vice president of Pacific Audio & Communications Hawaii. “This dovetailed well with our second initiative to take a proactive approach to all things involved with lighting, specifically with design and fixture sales. It was at this point PAC decided to ‘dive headfirst’ in lighting. We sent two of our executive team members to Dallas to attend ProSource LTC. This was no small monetary feat when travelling from Hawaii, but we understood what the investment meant for our team and the direction of the company for 2022. With the support and backing of ProSource and its brands, we’ve pushed hard towards an expanded service offering in 2022 (and beyond), all of which would not have been possible without their support.”

“Having a member like PAC Hawaii, located in a region that is not easily serviced by myself or our vendors, has its challenges, but Pat and his team have made an effort to work with ProSource to maximize their vendor relationships and take advantage of our educational services, like ProSource University and LTC,” says Brian Kjaer, Western district manager at ProSource. “Despite the distance, the team supports our events, and Pat is always super responsive and easy to work with, listening to our suggestions and providing me with valuable feedback when needed. It gives me great pleasure to nominate PAC Hawaii as our Western Member of the Year for 2022.”

ProSource Memebr of the Year 2022 - Imagine More

South Central: Imagine More Services — Lenard Gale and Don Brehm
“We are thrilled to have been selected for this great honor from Samantha and ProSource. We have been waiting for the call for years! Since joining, ProSource has been an amazing asset to help us grow our business in the CI world and beyond. As we grow, we will always lean on the group for connections and education. It’s always great to see Sam and other ProSource team and member friends we’ve made over the years. We look forward to seeing you all at Summit to accept this award, and cheers to the future,” says Lenard Gale and Don Brehm, Imagine More Services.

“I am so excited to have selected Imagine More Services for this honor,” says Samantha Summerville, ProSource South Central district manager. “I met Lenard and Don (a.k.a., the two old bald guys) at CEDIA in 2017 and knew they were going to rock ProSource and that we were going to be friends! They are ambitious and have been go-getters by getting involved on all levels since the beginning. They attend events, dinners, and send their team to trainings as much as they can. Lenard is on our Lighting Committee and helped connect ProSource in the light fixture category. Lenard and Don are ambitious and energetic, always happy to talk with or help another member with a need or question. They are partners in success, growing a small family business into four locations offering full lighting, shade, and AV custom install by utilizing ProSource vendors, services, trainings, and education. Looking forward to seeing where they take Imagine More in the future! Congratulations on the success!”

ProSource Memebr of the Year 2022 - Automated Design

North Central: Automation Design + Entertainment — Peter Cook, Owner/Founder

“ProSource has been instrumental in helping us thrive through economic downturns, global pandemics and so much more with their training and support initiatives, marketing programs, tools for dealers’ success, and overall competitive pricing on most products,” says Peter Cook, owner and founder of Automation Design + Entertainment. “This has allowed us to compete with the national brands and online retailers by providing our clients with competitive pricing while maintaining profitability for our team. Our investment has been returned 3-4-fold most years, and we love the shared knowledge and resources that we experience as part of this cooperative community of friends and fellow business owners!”

“Peter Cook and his amazing Automation Design + Entertainment team is always willing to share best practices with other members and continually looks for ways to be more efficient by implementing new processes” says Frank Marengo, director of sales at ProSource. “Peter’s strong faith and family has enabled them to grow over the last 20 years and they have recently expanded into selling lighting fixtures: WAC being one of his first brands. They have been a ProSource member for over 18 years and are strong supporters of ProSource’s brands and solutions; from ProSource University, the Lighting Training Center, and ProSource Marketing just to name a few.  I am proud to have Automation Design + Entertainment as the North Central Member of the Year.”

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