Azione Unlimited Presents Webinar Series on Financial, Business Strategy

Brad2 Webinars Through December Feature Finance, Strategy Experts
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Azione Unlimited (AU) has established a new webinar series that is being offered free to members and other custom integrators and is designed to help them increase their business acumen.

The series will be presented monthly with financial and business strategy experts, Brad Stanek and Brad Whitehead, alternating to discuss different topics related to business growth, strategic planning, and financial management. The Brad2 webinars will run for one hour on the second Tuesday of every month, with the exception of July and October. For those who cannot attend the webinar, Azione is making the sessions available for download after the event. The current Azione Unlimited Brad2 webinar schedule can be found below.

“Our small- to medium-sized dealers, who make up a substantial portion of our membership, want financial insights and advice with regard to business processes. They are asking for help with business acumen, and they want to understand the type of structure their business should take at each stage of growth,” said Azione Unlimited president and founder Richard Glikes. “Our Brad2 webinar series responds to this need with in-depth insights from experts in the field.”

The first Brad2 webinar, held May 9, 2017, and presented by Brad Whitehead, covered “Building Your Strategic Plan.” The webinar provided the foundation for subsequent topics, as a strategic plan is the first step toward attracting and developing top talent, enhancing the customer experience, and growing a business. The rest of the webinar schedule is as follows:

June 13 at 12 p.m. ET – Company Retirement Plans: How You Can Use Them to Attract the Best Talent and Reduce What You Pay in Tax – Brad Stanek
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August 8 at 2 p.m. ET – Developing Talent - Brad Whitehead
September 12 at 2 p.m. ET – Eight Key Drivers To Help You Significantly Grow the Value of your Business – Part 1 (Drivers 1 – 4) – Brad Stanek

November 14 – Enhancing the Customer Experience – Brad Whitehead
December 13 - Eight Key Drivers to Help You Significantly Grow the Value of your Business – part 2 (Drivers 5 – 8) – Brad Stanek

The webinars are an extension of many of the topics explored during the Azione Unlimited Spring Conference. During the summit, small group meetings gave members a chance to candidly share business insights, advice, and inspiration. The Brad2 webinars, guided by the expert viewpoints of Whitehead and Stanek, seek to help increase attendees’ business acumen related to everything from hiring to retirement planning.

The Brad2 webinar, along with the new Azione member Slack channel and the Motivational Contest, is all part of an initiative Glikes calls “Azione Unlimited 2.0.” “Azione 2.0 is much more than contests, webinars, and discussions,” he said. “Communication is the name of the game with the addition of Slack and an enhanced focus on addressing the needs of our vendors and dealers of different types and sizes, enabling them all to share, trust, and prosper.”

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