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CEDIA Productsin Review

Residential Systems attempts its most comprehensive show report ever with this full-featured product review.

Record crowds flooded the floors of the Colorado Convention Center for CEDIA EXPO in September.Residential Systems attempts its most comprehensive show report ever with this full-featured product review. If you don’t see what you’re looking here, then it’s likely in the August or September issue…. or you’ll see it in December.

NuVo Attains Energy Star Rating

It doesnt require much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that consumer electronics are quickly becoming a dominant source of domestic energy consumption. This is one reason that more than a few companies at CEDIA EXPO were talking about green initiatives.

NuVo’s Trudi Lynn Lubberst, director of marketing, and Rick Kukulies, CTO

One of those companies was NuVo Technologies, which chose to address the importance of low standby power by designing the new version of its Essentia to be the very first Energy Star-compliant whole-home music system. Essentia E6G will bear the Energy Star logo for its very low energy consumption during idle time, which is considered the most significant source of energy waste by electronics in the home today.

Essentia comes with other noteworthy features, like a new control pad that condenses all the features of NuVos Grand Concerto down to a single-gang box. Essentia control pads can be used with the Grand Concerto system in tight areas.

Kirsten Nelson

Anchor BayS HDMI 1.3-Enabled Video Processor

Anchor Bay has the worlds first video processor for home theater systems to utilize HDMI 1.3 receiver/transmitter chips, the DVDO iScan VP50PRO. As the new flagship video processor in the DVDO iScan family, the VP50PRO also offers ISF certification and new VRS Video Reference Series technologies.

The DVDO iScan VP50PRO marks the debut of three new Anchor Bay VRS technologies, Mosquito Noise Reduction, and fine detail enhancement and edge enhancement, which greatly improve the quality of compressed and low-resolution content coming from STBs, DVRs, DVD, IPTV, and other digital media devices when viewed on high-resolution/high-definition displays.

Like the VP50, the VP50PRO also features 10-bit precision deinterlacing, 10-bit precision video scaling up to 1080p, PReP (Progressive Re-Processing), progressive cadence detection, and RightRate VRS technologies to maximize picture quality.
The VP50PRO is the first video processor to use HDMI 1.3 receiver/transmitter chips that allow users to connect other HDMI-compliant 1.3 devices that support high-definition audio formats and Deep Color, available on some newer sources like HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, and PS3. This capability allows the VP50PRO to provide customers with years of service as new source devices with this standard start to emerge.

For added convenience, the processors two programmable 12V triggers provide seamless control over such devices as projectors, screens, lifts, drapes, anamorphic lenses, and much more. In addition, the VP50PRO offers ISF certification, which gives ISF calibrators the proper controls to provide optimal settings for daytime and nighttime viewing.


SpeakerCraft’s president, Jeremy BurkhardtSpeakerCrafts president, Jeremy Burkhardt, livened things up during the unveiling of several new products, including an RF wireless version of the MODE keypad, the new AccuFit Ultra Slim series of ceiling speakers, three new in-wall Cinema subwoofer systems, the No Edge Audio Technology (NEAT) series of loudspeakers, the SpeakerCraft Plus series of loudspeakers, and three new smaller models in the TIME line of motorized loudspeakers.

Modero Touch Panel Leads AMX New Products

AMX’s MVP-5200iThe centerpiece of AMXs 10 new product launched at CEDIA EXPO was the 5.2-inch Modero ViewPoint widescreen touch panel (MVP-5200i, pictured), which represents the first model in the companys next-generation Modero touch panel line. AMX also launched its Metreau Keypads and Entry Communicator, Tango distributed audio system, NI-3101 NetLinx integrated controller, and ViewStat color communicating thermostat.

Available in black or white, MVP-5000i combines a slim design with high-resolution graphics, wireless mobility, digital intercom functionality and extended battery life. It supports up to eight hours of use and four days of standby timewhile its 5.2-inch widescreen delivers the highest resolution of any AMX MVP touch panel and features an integrated kickstand and a navigation wheel for levels and functions.

AMXs Metreau keypads fit in any Decora-style wallplate and provide a cost-effective way to communicate with any AMX control or distributed audio system. Available in two varieties, one can be used with any AMX control system, while the other is designed for the companys growing line of distributed audio products. Both feature a navigation wheel.

AMXs Metreau Entry Communicator is its first Voice and Video over IP (V2IP)-enabled door communication and entry system. It provides doorbell functionality, along with full-duplex audio and one-way video communications, I/Os (Inputs/Outputs) for motion sensors and relays for remotely unlocking electronic, magnetic locks.

AMXs new Tango distributed audio line includes audio controllers, zone expanders, and amplifiers. One system accommodates eight sources with distribution to four or eight zones, and can be expanded to as many as 64 zones with up to 24 speakers per zone.

The companys NI-3101 Signature Series NetLinx integrated controller (NI-3101-SIG) packs the features, functionality, and power of the NI-3100 NetLinx integrated controller in a one-rack unit (1U) form factor with twice the onboard memory and a new look.

Finally, AMXs new ViewStat color communicating thermostat (ENV-VST-C) features a color display with weather and forecasting. It also features a 3.5-inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display for providing indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity settings, along with current local weather conditions and forecast information, and day/date/time.

Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-3 Subwoofer

Based on its high-output, high-performance TR-2 predecessor, the Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-3 subwoofer expands upon an already powerful and dynamic subwoofer by recalibrating the amplifier and adding an aluminum cone woofer, which will improve linearity. The TR-3 improves on many of the existing popular characteristics of the TR-2, such as an integral bass equalizer that goes up to 6dB of low bass boost, with a total output of 300 watts RMS. The cylindrical steel enclosure mirrors AGAs spherical technology that allows for smooth, yet powerful, bass from 22Hz to 180Hz. The TR-3 has a continuously variable low pass filter from 50Hz to 180Hz, with a fixed 80Hz high-pass filter on high-level output. The new sub is available in black and silver, weighs 36 lb., and is 10.75 inches wide x 12 inches high x 13.5 inches deep.

Beldens HDMI Shielded Twisted Pair Cables

Beldens new HDMI Shielded Twisted Pair cables provide reliable interface between any compatible digital audio/video source and a compatible digital audio and/or video monitor in the home theater set-up, as well as providing support for standard, enhanced, or high-definition video and multi-channel digital audioall on a single assembly.

Assuming the digital A/V source is performing properly, using high-quality Belden HDMI cables in multimedia interface applications helps eliminate the signal transmission problemssuch as pixel loss, image graininess, loss of color, and other picture defectsthat can occur when inferior cables are used. The result of accurate and consistent data transmission is sharp, clear pictures and precise, high-quality audio. To ensure error-free digital signal transmission, Belden HDMI cables are tested using an eye-pattern test, which provides a visual check of a variety of electrical parameters critical to a cables performance.

Belden offers its 26 AWG shielded twisted pair HDMI cables in lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 meters to accommodate virtually any arrangement of home theater components. Belden offers a complete line of cables and related products for home networking, entertainment, automation and security installations. All of the companys digital audio/video cables are UL-rated for residential and commercial installations, including in-wall use.

A Day at the POPs

Boston Acoustics’ senior VP of sales and marketing, Phil CohnAt CEDIA EXPO, Boston Acoustics senior VP of sales and marketing, Phil Cohn, stood below an array of the companys new Horizon Series, which includes a range of 10 different speaker sizes and configurations, from bookshelf and floorstanding models to powered subwoofers. Pictured above Cohn are the new HS60 loudspeakers, which feature the changeable grille color concept known as Boston P.O.P.

Chiefs Adjustable Speaker Adapters for Flat Panels

Chief Manufacturings new side and center-channel speaker adapters are designed to complement flat-panel video installations. Chiefs new PACLR1 left/right speaker adapter and PACCC1 center-channel speaker adapter offer a low-profile and lightweight design for easy installation.

The design features advanced adjustability to position speakers flush with the screen. For fast installation and a clean finish, both products ship pre-assembled and include cable management clips.

The new speaker adapters fit flat-panel TVs up to 50 inches and are compatible with Chiefs medium and large mounting solutions. The PACCC1 provides up to five inches of height adjustment and the PACLR1 reaches a fully extended width of almost 54 inches.

Sunfire Expands with Cinema Ribbon In-Walls

Sunfire has expanded its Cinema Ribbon family with the launch of the CRW-3 and CRW-3C in-wall loudspeakers. Combined with the newly introduced XT-Series SubRosa in-wall subwoofer, the Cinema Ribbon In-Wall loudspeakers complete the line.

The CRW-3 (MSRP: $1,000) is designed for left/right applications while CRW-3C ($1,250 each) may be configured as either a center channel or LR. The two new Cinema Ribbon in-wall models follow the successful debut of Sunfires Cinema Ribbon Duos (CRM-2 and CRM-2C) launched at CEDIA EXPO 2006 and then the Trios and SubRosa at CES this past January. Both models will ship at the end of this month. All are part of Sunfires XT-Series, a special collection of more than 10 of the legendary brands finest products.

The CRW-3 and CRW-3C will handle up to 450 watts of power. Yet despite their power handling capability, each boasts a sensitivity rating of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 6 ohms so they can be driven with modest-sized amplifiers. The CRW-3 and CRW-3C both feature sealed enclosures for enhanced bass performance and improved sound isolation to adjacent rooms.

For the custom dealer, the Cinema Ribbon in-walls feature an installer-friendly wire-channel for fast, easy installation.

Crestrons DVPHD-PRO Video Processor

It was another busy CEDIA EXPO for Crestron. Among its many introductions was the new DVPHD-PRO HD digital video processor (below), which accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in up to eight scalable video windows simultaneously.

Jeff Singer, marketing communications director for Crestron, shows the TPS-6L wall- mount touch Featuring input and output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 for RGB and DVI signals, and supporting 1080i and 1080p HDTV, the DVPHD-PRO is designed for home theater, gaming, at-home sport bars, home office conferencing, and video security. It also handles HDMI with external adaptors. The DVPHD-PRO is available in several models.

True 10-bit video processing and the latest generation of high-definition scaling and de-interlacing ensures the highest quality video images. The product also provides the same vibrant and extensive graphics capabilities featured in the latest Crestron touchpanels, such as 24-bit color, dynamic graphics, dynamic text, full-motion animation and translucent objects. Dynamic text displays customized labels to automatically identify cameras, locations or sources. Further enhancing the aesthetic of professional presentations, the DVPHD-PRO features a full set of dynamic transitions such as wipes and image swapping.

Offering stand-alone capabilities and out-of-the-box functionality, the DVPHD-PRO does not require an external control system for configuration or operation. Daily operation and system set-up may be achieved directly from the front panel LCD or using built-in web pages displayed on any computer.

The DVPHD-PRO also features sophisticated sync-sensing capabilities. It can not only detect the presence of a sync signal and automatically display the source, but it can also identify the type of video signal and dynamically scale the signal to the appropriate resolution.

New Partnerships Help EI grow and Expand

Pictured at Life-ware Village are (L-R) Jason Sherril, Cooper Wiring; Bryan Watts, DSC; Mike Seamons, Life-ware; Melissa Andresko, Lutron; Scott Evans, Microsoft eHome; and Rich Guida, Russound.Exceptional Innovations Life-ware Village presented several innovative products within two fully integrated demo homes at CEDIA EXPO. The two 1,700-square-foot fully automated demo homes (one traditionally wired, the other wireless), presented the latest EI Life-ware products as well as technology resulting from key partnerships with Microsoft, Russound, and DSC. EI VP of marketing, Mike Seamons, reiterated that his company is migrating into the hardware and multi-room AV systems markets with new media servers under the Life-media brand.

With a range of storage capacities and price pointsCPUs ranging from a 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor to a 2.4 GHz Intel Quad Core Processorthe five new models run on the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate operating system. This is a big technological step forward, and offers our dealers a whole new way to customize their systems, Seamons said.

Margot Douaihy

ReQuest Expands Multi-Room Audio Control Product Offerings

Last year at CEDIA EXPO, ReQuest Inc. expanded from its music server roots into a full-fledged whole-house audio control company, with tabletop and in-wall touchscreen solutions. This year, the company enhanced its feature set with fun widgets, the ability to control legacy devices, ethernet connectivity for a 15-inch touchscreen, and a new application software instantly converts any Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to a handheld controller with full command over a multiroom iQ system.

The new Network Touchscreen Client (NTC) works with ReQuests TS.15 full-size color touchscreen controller from any location on a home ethernet network, without long cables and/or VGA/USB extenders. The NTC is a slim hardware solution designed to be mounted to the back of a free-standing TS.15 touchscreen, or it can be tucked away in a nearby cabinet or shelving unit. It connects to the touchscreen via USB and VGA cables, while its RJ-45 connector accepts conventional, Ethernet cable linking it to the home network.

Alternately, a wireless home network can be utilized via a gaming bridge, a wireless adapter widely available from manufacturers such as dLink, Linksys, and Netgear, to deliver full TS.15 functionality via WiFi 802.11b/g wireless connection. As many as eight TS.15/Network Touchscreen Client combos, communicating to the home system via wired or wireless/bridge connections, can be used on a single ReQuest iQ System, Audio or Video ReQuest. The NTC is currently available to dealers.

In addition, the ReQuest Freedom application software instantly converts any Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to a handheld controller with full command over a multiroom iQ system, using the familiar commands, graphics, and icons of the ReQuest TS35 in-wall touch panel controller.

Tributaries Presents Remote-Controlled HDMI Switchers

Joe Perfito, president of Tributaries, presents the company’s HX410A.Tributaries has created a pair of new, affordable, and compact remote-controlled HDMI switchers, bringing the single-cable formats full functionality to systems in a highly competitive form.

The Tributaries HX410 and HX410A can each select from among four HDMI sourcesDVD players, Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD disc players, and cable, satellite, or broadcast HD set-top boxes or tuners, and output signals to a single HDMI output.

The Tributaries designs do more than passively select. Both models include signal enhancement, which engages active equalization to maintain full-integrity HDMI transmissions even over long cable runs. This feature will prove very helpful in maintaining the optimum video/audio quality that can be obtained from the customers equipment. In fact, each models built-in booster enables it to be mounted along with the other equipment and still run 30 meters of 1080p signal after the unit-a feature hard to find in this crowded product category.

The HX410A goes even further. Though identical to the HX410 in every other regard, it also includes both optical and coaxial S/PDIF digital-audio ports for each input and at its single output, allowing the audio and video signals to be routed independently. This makes it a unique problem-solver for the many consumers who are using their new display devices with HDMI and older audio systems without HDMI.

The 410A serves as the missing link that enables all of these components to work flawlessly together, at a similar price to products that lack this important capability.
Both HX410 models are compliant with the latest standards, HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.1.

ELANs Multi-Room A/V Controllers

ELAN showcased its System8 Multi-Room A/V Controllers, along with several new products. Featuring eight audio source inputs, eight composite video source inputs, and six listening and viewing zones, the new System8 is in keeping with ELANs mission to develop feature-rich yet affordable new product platforms.

Based on the technologies of ELANs S6 and S12 Multi-Room Controllers, the System8 platform includes two models, the S8.6AV and S8.6AVP.

Eight audio/video inputs allow users to choose from all their favorite music and video sourcesCDs, DVDs, Satellite Radio, TVand even all content residing on their iPod. Both models incorporate many powerful features such as bass, treble, loudness EQ, and programmable turn-on levels for each zone, whole-house music, and AV source-sensing for system feedback at keypads and touch panels.

projectiondesigns 3-Chip HD DLP Projector

projectiondesign showed its first 3-chip HD DLP home cinema projector, the new Action! M80 1080p, at CEDIA EXPO. Based on the companys professional Cineo 80 eCinema projector, the Action! M80 is packed with technological advances and breaks new ground in reproducing visual perfection for the home.

The new model comes with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (full 1080p HDTV), high-quality 10-bit video processing and HDMI 1.3 and DV-I digital compatibility. It features brightness up to 8,000 ANSI lumens, and a contrast ratio of up to 10,000:1, using Texas Instruments DynamicBlack technology to monitor incoming video content. This feature dynamically adjusts the contrast ratio to optimize picture quality for each video frame.

Catching Z-Wave

Intermatic extended its energy control expertise to the home automation market with its line of InTouch Z-wave-enabled wireless products. During a CEDIA EXPO press conference, marketing manager Jeff Bovee provided details on where the company is headed with InTouch, including new products aimed at helping homeowners better manage indoor and outdoor lighting, entry access, appliances, entry access, appliances, window treatments, and HVAC systems.

LiteTouchs Neo Wall-Box Lighting Control

LiteTouch Neo (above) was developed by LiteTouch Inc. to be the radically simple solution to single-room lighting control.

LiteTouch Neo consists of the following new components (each sold separately as accessories to the main Neo4 unit, which was introduced at CEDIA 2006): the three-gang Neo3, the two-gang Neo2, and the single-gang Neo1. The Neo4 Mimic is a single-gang keypad that automatically mimics all programming of Neo4 and the LiteTouch 3-Way provides basic on/off/dim to complement the system. All components are available in 120V and 240V.

Standing out among the products features and innovations, LiteTouch Neos Cartridges are very small, high-voltage lighting control modules that accomplish the actual dimming and switching of the lights. This technology enables each LiteTouch Neo room to grow. For instance, upgrading the four-gang single room controller to control from four to eight loads is accomplished simply by adding additional Cartridges. Each Cartridge has its own microprocessor and automatically recognizes any new components added to the system.

Integras THX Ultra2 Preamp/Processor

Integra’s THX Ultra2 Certified DTC-9.8Integras THX Ultra2 Certified DTC-9.8 is an AV preamplifier/processor designed to meet the complex needs of system integrators and custom installers while providing the latest features and performance for the home theater enthusiast.

This three-zone processor features HDMI v. 1.3a switching, HQV Reon-VX video processing, complete 7.1-channel processing including onboard decoding for lossless and HD audio formats, and an extensive suite of multizone/multisource and system integration control features all at a suggested retail price of just $1,600.

Featuring four HDMI inputs and two outputs, the DTC-9.8 is a flexible centerpiece for even the largest high-end home theater installations. It is fully compatible with HDMI v.1.3a, including 1080p and Deep Color 36-bit video signals. Additionally, the controller includes the acclaimed Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX onboard video processing, capable of scaling and transcoding all video source material to 1080p output over HDMI.

Leon Speakers Seven Series on-wall Speakers

Leon Speakers showcased a prototype of its new Leon Seven custom on-wall speakers, which are inspired by postmodern industrial design and infused with the classic lines of the 1920s and 1930s. In the elite $15,000 to $20,000 price range, the Leon Seven is the first to offer the performance of an ultra high-end tower speaker in a sleek, on-wall cabinet.

Each cabinet features two hand-made Eton HEXACONE seven-inch long-throw woofers, and the Raven R2 True Ribbon tweeter (with an all-aluminum diaphragm) from Orca. The fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley crossover utilizes purely non-inductive capacitors and solid copper foil air core inductors.

The baffle is milled from 1.25-inch billet aluminum and weighs more than 75 lbs. The cabinet is milled from three-quarter-inch billet aluminum reinforced with MDF and internal bracing.

The Leon Seven boasts a 40-50 Hz frequency response and a power rating of 250 W per channel. The speaker cabinet measures 11 inches by 38 inches by six inches, and is fully customizablethe baffle can be anodized in six different colors or painted in Leons design facility to match virtually any color.

Genelecs Three-Way Active Speakers

Genelecs range of three-way active speakers (right) are designed to provide a high impact listening experience for the larger home theater/multi-media room or any surround sound environment. All models employ Genelecs proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide Technology (DCW).

In addition, all models are magnetically shielded, feature lower noise electronics, have a signal sensing auto-on/off circuit, new crossover electronics and 12V/contact closure strip for interface to AMX, Crestron, or other home automation systems. The amp panels include a dipswitch pack that allows the installer to turn the LED indicator on or off.

The HT312A features a 12-inch woofer, five-inch midrange (loaded with Genelecs DCW), and a one-inch metal dome tweeter. The HT315A offers a 15-inch woofer, five-inch midrange (loaded with Genelecs DCW), and a one-inch metal dome tweeter. The HT320AC is a dedicated center channel with dual 10-inch woofers, a five-inch midrange and a one-inch metal dome tweeter. The HT324A includes dual 12-inch woofers, five-inch midrange and a one-inch metal dome tweeter.

The HT324AC includes dual 12-inch woofers, a five-inch midrange and a one-inch metal dome tweeter.

Lexicons MV-5 AV Preamp/Processor

Lexicons MV-5 is a multi-faceted audio and video preamplifier and processor that offers capabilities previously only available in the flagship Lexicon MC-12 HD.

Lexicon’s MV-5
The MV-5 is an eight-channel preamp/processor that supports two independent zones and offers 12 configurable inputs, and is designed to serve as the control center for a home theater system.

It can accommodate a pair of HDMI source devices and can connect directly to a PC via USB, enabling the control and playback of streaming audio files. With an optional dock accessory, iPod owners can even play their iPod music through the MV-5.

The MV-5 is the first Lexicon processor to feature integrated Faroudja video processing technology, which takes any incoming video format and up-convert it to HDMI output, enabling the use of a single HDMI cable between the MV-5 and the video display.

Lutrons New HomeWorks Products

Lutron has added two new products to its HomeWorks total home lighting control system: midnight-colored tabletop keypads with seeTouch-style buttons and a Maestro-style fan control. The keypads with seeTouch-style buttons are available in five-, 10- and 15-button configurations, feature rounded, backlit buttons that are easy to read and find in the dark, and will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2008. The all-in-one Maestro-style fan control is designed to control ceiling fans up to two amp, provides four quiet speeds, plus off, communicates to the HomeWorks system via radio frequency (RF) through the RF Processor and/or Hybrid Repeater.

Middle Atlantics RSH Series Custom Rackmounts

Middle Atlantic’s Dan Wheelan (left) and Mark TracyMiddle Atlantic Products introduced its RSH Series Custom Rackmounts that include enhanced thermal management features for components that vent on the sides. Designed with direct feedback from custom residential integrators, the enhanced RSH Custom Rackmounts create a clean, finished look for enclosures that house non-rackmount components and provide advanced ventilation and installation features at no extra charge.

Our customers clients have specifically requested rackshelves that account for components which vent to the side, said Dean Wheelan, application engineer, Middle Atlantic Products. The new design of the rackshelf side panels, as well as the base, accentuates an effective chimney effect within an integrated enclosure system and helps prevent heat build-up. In doing so, RSH Series Custom Rackmounts allow components to do what they really want: breathe easier.

Tripp Lite Adds Two New Surge Suppression Products

Tripp Lite has introduced a new twist to its surge suppressor line with the addition of two new products: the SWIVEL6 and HTSWIVEL6. Both products feature six revolutionary rotatable outlets that swivel for more flexibility, making it easier to connect and organize electronic equipment.

Additionally, the HTSWIVEL6, designed for home theater enthusiasts, offers coaxial and telephone/modem surge suppression to protect audio/video components from damaging surges and line noise. Both the SWIVEL6 and HTSWIVEL6 include diagnostic LEDs that alert users to potential wiring or protection faults, helping prevent potentially costly damage. They carry a 1200-joule surge rating and offer up to $50,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment.

Proficients New Ceiling Speaker

Proficient president Keith Marshall with his company’s C100 LCR ceiling speakerProficient Audio Systems launched the C1030 LCR ceiling speaker. The products principal design highlight is that the woofer and tweeter bridge are set at a 15-degree angle while the tweeter pivots another 30-degrees.

Proficient in-wall and in-ceiling cinema speakers have become very popular with installing dealers because they solve a lot of installation problems, said Keith Marshall, president of Proficient Audio. So, we developed the C1030 with an aggressive set of performance criteria for larger home theater jobs and ultra high-end cinema systems.

The C1030 is a three-way configuration, comprised of a 10-inch Kevlar woofer mounted in a cast magnesium basket; a three-inch Kevlar midrange and one-inch pivoting aluminum tweeter. Proficient combined this premium componentry to achieve 200 watts of power handling.

Mitsubishis New Range of 1080p Video Projectors

Mitsubishi showcased three HD projectors, the HC4900, HC5000BL and HC6000, that offer 5000-hour rated lamp life in low mode and a side-access lamp for quick and easy lamp changes. They are all also extremely quiet so dramatic scenes are easy to hear with its ultra-hushed, 19 decibel level in low mode. Power zoom, focus and lens shift add value to this projector and make installation simple.

Each projector features 1,000 ANSI lumens in brightness uses three inorganic LCD panels that are more durable and provide a more color-consistent, even-toned image than previous generation LCD panels. They vary in contrast ratio, level of sophistication in video scaling and processing, connectivity options, among other specifications, and are priced accordingly.

Reon-VXs HQV processing delivers sharp, detailed HD images by utilizing features such as true 1080i-to-1080p HD de-interlacing and a multidirectional diagonal filter that ensures video that is free from jagged edges.

Panamaxs New Power Products

Panamaxs four new power products are optimized for home theater systems. The PM8-HT, M8-HT, M8-HT-PRO, and M10-HT-PRO offer increased levels of filtering and advanced noise-reducing technologies for improved audio and video quality, while patent-pending circuitry protects components from power irregularities.

Designed to work with high-definition (HD) systems, these new products offer power cleaning and filtration to eliminate common symptoms of AC line noise, including loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums, and visual artifacts, and allow equipment to perform at its full capability for an optimal home theater experience.

The M8-HT-PRO and M10-HT-PRO offer premium filtration for increased audio and video clarity, in addition to noise isolation between their isolated outlet banks, which prevents any noise created by a component plugged into one bank from contaminating the power to equipment plugged into the other outlet bank.

The M10-HT-PRO also offers Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), which suppresses noise dramatically and consistently across the entire dynamic range for stunning audio and video quality. This product features six linear filtration outlets, three of which provide sequenced activation. The M10-HT-PRO also offers four digital ultrasonic-noise-filtered outlets, while three isolated outlet banks provide further protection against AC noise.

All of the new products feature Panamaxs exclusive Protect or Disconnect circuitry, which completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge, while integrated coax/sat and telephone/LAN line protection prevents electrical surges that travel over cable, satellite and antenna lines.

Niles iRemote TS

Niles Audios iRemote TS (right) is a new user interface for operating the award-winning IntelliControl ICS whole house distributed audio/video system and automating sophisticated home theater systems.

Niles Audio’s iRemote

It employs ZigBee two-way wireless technology to provide users with all the necessary metadata to scan, select and play program material from menu-based digital sources, like iPods, music servers, HD Radio, XM and Sirius satellite radio, from a whole-house audio/video system. It also integrates with Niles HT-MSU home theater main system unit to manage all components in a home theater system including television, home theater receiver and up to 14 additional sources like digital video recorders, DVD players and cable/satellite receivers with the single press of its touch screen interface.

With the Niles iRemote TS, custom installation professionals can now offer their clients unified operation of virtually every audio/video component in their home from one elegant and intuitive user interface.

OmniMounts Motorized Video Mount Systems

OmniMounts new motorized systems, Motion52 and Lift42, provide the ability to tilt, pan, swivel, or lift a flat-panel displays at the touch of a button without compromising quality or style.

OmniMount’s Brett Stenhouse

Building upon the success of our traditional flat-panel mounting systems, our two new motorized products bring OmniMount quality into the new automation category, said Brett Stenhouse, OmniMount vice president of marketing. The Motion52 and Lift 42 offer consumers reliable and affordable options in motorized mounting. We believe these products will change the way viewers experience motion pictures forevergiving them the best seat in the house no matter where they sit. Furthermore, we are confident that consumers will appreciate the quality, design aesthetics and reliability of both of these groundbreaking new products.

The Motion52 is available now at $799.95 and the Lift42 is available now at a retail price of $1,299.95.

Paradigms Signature In-Ceiling Speakers

Paradigm Electronics has added two in-ceiling speakers to its ultra-high-end Signature Series lineup. The SIG-1.5R and the SIG-1.5R-30, which boast Paradigms Guided Soundfield system, are the latest additions.

The SIG-1.5R and the SIG-1.5R-30 feature much of the technology found in the latest incarnation of Paradigms freestanding Signature Series, including P-Be Pure-Beryllium domes and Co-PAL Cobalt-Infused Anodized Pure-Aluminum cones.

A far more expensive dome material than typically found even in high-end tweeters, pure beryllium was chosen for its exceptional mechanical properties. It is lighter than aluminum and possesses unmatched rigidity. The infusion of cobalt into the pure-aluminum cone likewise brings increased rigidity, as well as improved damping to the lightweight nature of the pure aluminum.

Stewarts Screen Gems at CEDIA

Stewart Filmscreen demonstrated a 45- by 103-inch GrayHawk Reference Screen G3, highlighting the improvements of the new screen materials and how it has been optimized for 1080p projectors.

The big product announcement from Stewart during CEDIA is the availability of Generation 3 versions for both the GrayHawk Reference Screen and the StudioTek 130. Like the FireHawk G3, these two screens now benefit from several improvements that optimize them for superior performance with 1080p projectors and source material.

Stewarts redesign of the GrayHawk RS and StudioTek 130s optical coating improves pixel density to ensure the best possible transparency of 1080p (and higher) resolution images. The result is greater depth, contrast and color saturation with improved resolution, clarity and realism. The materials used for both screens are formulated with reduced surface texture, allowing for larger screen sizes due to the higher resolution.

Fun in a Box

SE2 Labs CEO Michael PyleSE2 Labs CEO Michael Pyle introduced a press audience to the ITC One, the companys personalized, fully integrated, one-box home console. Two years in the making and from the creative mind of a former custom installer, SE2 partnered with AMX, Vidikron, Triad, Microsoft and others, to provide the customizable features found within the ITC One.

NetStreams Maps IP Ecosystem

NetStreams debuted an IP-enabled multi-room home theater system without additional compression, guaranteeing pixel-for-pixel, bit-for-bit playback.
Also available are upgrades to its flagship DigiLinX multi-room AV/control system and the new TheaterLinX (TH100, pictured) for home theater integration. New IP-based, in-wall LCD touch-screen controllers are also in the mix for 2007-8.

According to Herman Cardenas, the company founder and president, IP is here to stay, and NetStreams is ideally positioned to meet consumers and dealers changing needs. More than 50 percent of all U.S. homes now have a home network, and AV/IT convergence is fast becoming the norm. We continue to add new partners within this ecosystem of IP, and we meet the needs of our customer base, he explained. We listen very closely to our installers. They wanted larger and faster products that are easy to install, and we responded.

Margot Douaihy

Russounds Avenue System

Russounds Avenue, in conjunction with Russounds RNET CAV6.6 Multizone Controller Amplifier, transmits audio signals to up to six zones over existing AC wiring, using RNET PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology.

For the first time, a single installer can retrofit a six-zone audio system in a fraction of the time a traditional retrofit installation requires, said Walt Zerbe, Russounds product manager, emerging technologies. This creates new opportunities where retro-fit installations would have been prohibitive due to labor costs or disruptions to the home owner.

The Avenue System (right) consists of two elementsa hub and multiple pointsthat partner with a CAV6.6, which controls up to six wired zones. The Hub is a single rack enclosure unit (two inches tall x 17.5 inches wide x 12 inches deep) designed to mate with the CAV, receiving the audio and control information from it, converting and transmitting signals via RNET PLC to the Points which are compact enough to be hidden under furniture or on top of shelves.

The Hub receives six stereo audio inputs from the CAV, but also features an additional two stereo outputs so that up to two Points can serve as Remote Global Sources for the system. The Hub also has two Russound RNET ports and a full array of switches.

Each Hub can control up to six Points. Each Point is connected to a 100-120VAC outlet and not only receives and transmits RNET PLC commands to and from the Hub, but also functions as a 20W per channel stereo amplifier. In addition, each Point has a pair of stereo audio inputs and an RNET port, allowing it to be connected to the CAV6.6.

Cabasses Alcyone Satellite Speaker

Cabasse offers the Alcyone (right) in a complete 5.1 system consisting of a matching Santorin 17 active subwoofer with 6.5-inch driver, 200-watt built-in amplifier and five satellites plus a full set of cables for easy setup. MSRP for the complete 5.1 system will be $1,059.

Weighing in at a mere pound and a half and measuring only four inches in diameter, the robust Alcyone boasts peak power handling of 350 watts. Yet with an impressive sensitivity rating of 91dB and friendly 8 ohm impedance, the new Cabasse sphere can be easily driven by modestly powered amplifiers.

The spherical design of the Alcyone offers an enclosure that is highly rigid and free from internal standing waves. Fitted with the same magnetic mounting device as the award-winning Cabasse iO2, the Alcyone satellite is very easy to position either on a shelf, on wall or on its optional stand. The wide-bandwidth four-inch drive unit of the Alcyone satellite has been especially designed by Cabasse engineers to provide high efficiency and smooth, balanced response when utilized in its compact spherical enclosure.

Vantage/LeGrands axolute family of Keypads, Faceplates

Vantage/Legrands Axolute family of keypads and faceplates combine the beautiful Italian designed faceplates from Vantages sister company, Bticino, with the robust and reliably engineered keypads from Vantage.

Vantage/Legrand’s Axolute family of keypads

Uniquely designed to mount horizontally to the wall, Axolute creates a fresh look to the traditionally mounted vertical faceplate. Vantage/Legrand, which has always had a wide selection of keypads and faceplates, has now taken this to a whole new level by adding dozens of new faceplate styles to its line of products. Axolute faceplates are available in wood, glass, slate, metal, and many other styles.

Axolute features a six-button keypad that is 100-percent compatible with the Vantage InFusion system. Axolute was designed to integrate seamlessly into the InFusion system for total control of Lights, AV, blinds, shades, security systems, and all other home control systems.

Qsonixs Updated reference Music Server

Qsonixs new reference Q110 music server comes complete with the companys latest version 2.2 software platform, bundled touchscreen controller, and models with 250GB, 500GB or 1TB of internal storage.

The new remarkably quiet system features a powerful, non-technical Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides built-in help and access to all system features and functions, easy front access USB and accessory ports, four discrete analog audio outputs for multi-room applications and infrared (IR) remote control capabilities.

The new Version 2.2 software enhancement adds a fully integrated MusicGiants, high-quality HD Download Store Using Qsonixs award winning Album Browser drag-and-drop interface, customers can quickly browse, sample, purchase and play high quality music from the MusicGiants premium library of more than 500,000 audio tracks. Qsonix further sweetens the users first music shopping experience on their newly purchased music management system with a $50 music store credit.

Colorado vNet Adds Climate And Security Applications

Colorado vNet continues to build on the success of the Lighting & Control System and Vibe Audio System with both the Colorado vNet Climate Application and the Colorado vNet Security Application. Both applications are integrated into the award-winning Colorado vNet Color Touchscreen.

Colorado vNet CEO Bill Beierwaltes (left)with John Hans of Media Workflow in Mason, Ohio.

With the Climate Application, the homeowner can control any Aprilaire communicating thermostat from any Colorado vNet Touchscreen. The Touchscreen acts as a virtual thermostat controlling indoor temperature and humidity and optionally displaying outdoor temperature.

With the Security Application, the homeowner can control their Honeywell security system from any vNet Touchscreen. The Touchscreen acts as a virtual keypad including a 12-button keypad, three panic buttons, and a macro button.

The Climate and Security Application Modules act as the gateway between the Colorado vNet system and third-party systems. With the CL1-40 or SE1-40 Application Module, up to 40 Touchscreens can control any configured thermostat or security keypad respectively.

Peerlesss Articulating Arm

Peerless Industries provided the first showing of 12 new SmartMount Articulating Arm Wall Mount models that accommodate TVs from 32 inches up to 63 inches.

Peerless Industries product manager Justin Sabetti

Articulating arms are selected for their functionality and wow factor, but the biggest issue that installers face is cable management, especially when the arm is extended. said Justin Sabetti, product manager, Peerless Industries. We have designed our new articulating arm series with not only the aesthetics to complement the home dcor but also the capability to fully accommodate all those cables and cords.

The new SmartMount Articulating Arm Wall Mounts provide four internal cable management channels for cable routing, each with one inch of cable storage space per channel. These channels enable easy management of AV cables and even pro-cord bundles, keeping them virtually hidden from sight to provide a clean installation.

Mounts take versatility to a new level. With up to 30 inches of extension and three tension-able swivel points, the arms allow up to 180 degrees of swivel for limitless viewing positions, even around corners. The ideal screen viewing angle is easily achieved with the one-touch tilt mechanism.

Chips Off the Old Block

Giorgio Corazza, SIM2 USA presidentSIM2 USA unveiled its full line of 1080p native-resolution DLP front-projection models at CEDIA EXPO. A total of eight new 1080p projectors, including four three-chip models, were announced by Giorgio Corazza, SIM2 USA president (pictured). The first three-chip models available that employ Texas Instruments recently introduced 0.95-inch 1080p DarkChip3 DMD chipset, the projectors will be available in single and dual 300-watt lamp configurations, both as standalone units and in tandem with SIM2s DigiOptic Image Processor.

RBHs In-Wall Speakers with Linear Array Technology

RBH Sound unveiled to CEDIA EXPO attendees a prototype of the SI-250 (right), the worlds first in-wall speaker to incorporate Linear Array Transducer technology. The Signature In-wall SI-250 incorporates a one-inch soft dome tweeter, a
2.5-inch mid-range and a patented Linear Array Transducer (LAT) as the in-walls woofer.

The LAT woofer is among the most significant breakthroughs in woofer technology since conventional audio transducers; it is designed to provide high amounts of bass output from a very small environment, a feature highly preferred by dcor conscious listeners.

Weve had to be pretty creative to find ways of improving performance while reducing physical size, said RBH Sounds VP of engineering, Shane Rich. Typically, smaller speakers arent capable of reproducing the lower frequencies needed for high quality sound. However, the LAT woofer proves this stereotype isnt always correct; the LAT woofer is small, versatile, and has created numerous possibilities that havent existed until now. Even though were pretty familiar with this technology, there are still a couple of kinks to work out before well be able to take the SI-250 to market. Were excited to see just how much performance we can extract from this technology.

Wisdom Audios Sage Series

Utilizing its planar magnetic technology, Wisdom Audio is bringing to market five speaker configurations in its Sage Series, ranging from 15 inches to 95 inches tall, each available as an in-wall, on-wall, or freestanding solution. Multiple center channels, a dual woofer in-wall sub enclosure, integrated Audyssey Laboratories room correction software, and dedicated electronics round out the new product offerings.

The Sage Series incorporates Wisdom Audios new planar magnetic drivers that use costly rare earth or neodymium magnets, which provide a vastly stronger magnetic field than conventional magnets, while having to use fewer and smaller magnets to achieve this goal. This vital difference yields a number of critical improvements over what was possible only a few years ago, including higher sensitivity, higher achievable SPLs at lower frequencies, tighter control, reduced coloration, and improved directivity. Advances in construction, such as utilizing latest generation thin films and adhesive-less bonding processes, virtually eliminate heat induced failures. Wisdom Audios thin film diaphragms are also pleated using a proprietary, high pressure process that enhances thermodynamic stability.

RGPCs PowerVault Whole-House Power Conditioner

Richard Grays Power Companys PowerVault is the first large-scale power storage and management device designed specifically for CEDIA installers and integrators. It is a power conditioner, uninterruptable power supply (UPS), and long-duration backup solution all in one.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power conditioners are nothing new, but the RGPC PowerVault is an industry-first fusion of these two power management devices, offering the benefits of both while utilizing RGPCs patented parallel delivery system. The PowerVault provides centralized UPS functionality and long-duration backup power. It features the added benefits of RGPCs 1200C for noise removal, RGPCs patented power delivery, and surge suppression. Its unmatched capacity allows the RGPC PowerVault to condition and protect the most critical circuits on a homes AC line from a single remote location within the house.

MusicGiants Grows Even Taller

Leading the MusicGiants press conference at CEDIA was CEO Scott Bahneman, who revealed that MusicGiants has brokered deals with classical music labels, Naxos and PentaTone, and growing indie rock label, Razor & Tie, to deliver DRM-free music downloads to its customers.

The company has also partnered with Seagate FreeAgent Go to package external hard drives jam-packed with songs selected by MusicGiants Concierge, with additional music credits provided to allow customers to fine-tune their music collection with personal favorites. This partnership is in addition to other deals MusicGiants has sealed with media-server brands Niveus Media, Logitech, Qsonix, and Integra, as well as distributor, ADI.

Perhaps the biggest news MusicGiants unveiled, however, was HDGiants, its brand-new HD movie-downloading service that is set to rival the offerings found on Apple iTunes. Bahneman says that a major studio is on board with the service, but at press time that studios name could not be revealed.

Llanor Alleyne

MechoShades ZigBee-controlled Window Shadows

MechoShades introduced three innovations at CEDIA EXPO, including the first window covering and drapery system in North America to integrate ZigBee communication technology

This and two other new developments that were introducing will affect how technicians, designers, and project managers integrate window coverings and draperies into home and commercial building automation projects, said MechoShade Systems president and chief operating officer Jan Berman at CEDIA.

The second development is a partnership with Control4 to market automated networked window coverings and draperies that enhance homeowner convenience and comfort. The third announcement is the new MechoShade System networking interfacethe IQ/485 Network Interface Cardthat integrates window covering and drapery sub-systems with switches and accessories through dry contact ports and third-party control systems such as Crestron, Lutron, Vantage/Legrand, or Control4 through RS232 ports onto a 485 network.

Aurora Multimedias HDMI Switcher

With Aurora Multimedias HS-66M HDMI Matrix Router, high-definition audio and video signals from any of up to six sources can be sent to as many as six displays, while complying with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). The switchers actions can be transparent to the user if controlled by RS-232C or LAN (TCP/IP). Infrared and front panel controls are also available. The HS-66M uses HDMI version 1.3 and supports resolutions up to 1080p and WUXGA (1920×1200).

Artisons Vibration-Free Subs

Artison new Series of Reactance-Cancelling Subwoofers includes four models designed to be vibration-free and eliminate sound distortion while delivering deep bass throughout a room. The models include the RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer; the RCC 600 Floor-Standing Subwoofer, which delivers the same output while housed in an elegant loudspeaker cabinet; a smaller RCC 300 In-Wall Subwoofer and its counterpart, the RCC 300 Floor-Standing Subwoofer, also housed in an elegant loudspeaker cabinet. The 300 models are half the price and require half the interior space of the flagship 600 models.

Artcoustics Diablo Sub Panel

Artcoustic launched its unique Diablo Sub Panel, which is a design complement to the companys Diablo loudspeakers as well as the entire Artcoustic range. Featuring a design-first form factor, the Diablo Sub Panel ($1,800 MSRP) can be used as a freestanding, hidden, or wall-mounted subwoofer with bass performance that rivals the finest subwoofers. Measuring only 5.75 inches high and 20 inches wide and deep, the slim-line design of the Diablo Sub Panel can be easily sited in a variety of locations around the listening room for maximum flexibility. Weighing only 31 lbs and available in black, silver, or white, it is now available from StJohn Group.

Infuseboxs Module for HAI Security

Infusebox Inc., an electronic design and programming company, has developed an application module to simplify the integration of HAIs Omni Pro line of security systems hardware into systems utilizing automation and integration technology from Crestron. With this module, integrators and programmers will now have the ability to make security system integration seamless and more powerful.